Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Our Con-con with his binky dog........he is mostly a very happy baby!!!...and he's clean, nice tape job (if I say so myself), nicely made binky dog (thanks Marnee for cool beanie babies!!), he's dressed in clean clothes, clean bum and played with and loved on constantly!!!

Sawyer totally crashed...and look carefully, because the background is mostly clean, his socks appear mostly white, he's loved on constantly and apparently worn out from fun!!! ...and guess what, my master mama skills have these boys down, in their beds, nightly by 8pm.  Yes, the nerd/master mom also sleeps soon after most nights....but, I tell you now, having them on a schedule is the smartest thing I have EVER done!!  (even Mikey now appreciates this) 

uh-oh, tape on opposite of face from the above....must mean the mama has rocked the tube and placed it lovingly on the other side of his face so he doesn't get irritated skin.  He's doing that smiling thing again ............loooooooooove this guy!!!!

My word.........a laughing baby Sawyer!!!! complete with homemade pasta, a homemade bib (this is one of three I made last year and yeah, I'll brag about it), and nutricous milk (forget that his mom can't spell or figure out the spell check on this new blogger).....oooooooh, I love me some Soybean!!!!!

I read recently that the secret to a good life is Contentment.  It said something to the effect of being content is an equilibrium of accepting today and still aspiring for a wonderful tomorrow.  ....looking at my last posts, I don't think I show much satisfaction with my life.  I want to convey that I am for the most part accepting of my life, it's simply going through some hard times.  My children are going through hard times.  ..........anyone that sees us or even pics knows that we are apparently getting some things right.  I have not figured out the secret of contentment but do know that it is a big part of keeping happy and as positive as you can on any given day. friend had posted one of my favorite sayings  "life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain".  I have this embroidered in my living room and she has it displayed in her home.  Funny, we've both lost children and rough things have happened in our lives and yet, I think both of us have the spirit of dancing in the rain.  It's not a skill I've mastered but it's one I work on.     ............that's it peeps.  I just wanted to not have a doom and gloom shadow on my blog.  Hard times, yes.  Contentment....yes but it is a choice and something I work's my dance in the rain.

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