Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surgery Day...amazing day

Well, I was up at 230am and googling everything.  In my mind, it made a difference because I definitely spent time with the anaesthesiologist this time around.  ....with each surgery there is a different anaesthesiologist and even though general notes are read, we have learned that the notes do not contain everything.  For one, they don't necessarily read the history and with Connor, that is important.  .....we made certain that this woman/doctor knew that he needed off the ventilator ASAP!!!!  Obviously, it is their call but we made certain she was aware that he had a terrible time getting off the thing last time and really, I think us talking through things made a difference.   ......Connor's numbers are not perfect tonight.....but he is being monitored and he is doing all of his breathing on his own.  He is not needing oxygen and we're not even in the PICU this time.  This is an awesome scenario.......and we should be over the moon....part of us is and truth be told, part of us is just waiting for the ball to drop.  It's happens every time we get hopeful.....but really, this feels different.  He looks amazing.  He went into the surgery looking and sounding great.  ....Dr Siddiqi, the plastic surgeon, said everything went smooth.  His jaw looked great, he was opened up, his gums were matched (meaning top gum and lower gum met each other...this is done to assure when jaw naturally draws back that it will be natural looking), his incisions at the chin were straight and should heal to barely a scar, and the wounds behind his ear should heal nicely.  His airway is open.  ....Dr. Meijer, the ENT (ear, nose and throat) said his one ear was flooded and something was going on underneath the other drum so it was good he got his tubes in today.  That went well also.  Dr. Meijer also looked  at the anatomy of his throat and said that there was alot of secretions but that his anatomy looked great.  A GI(gastrointestinal doctor) is scheduled to look at Connor tomorrow and the speech/feeding therapist will also come by tomorrow.    ...........all in all, the day has gone beyond our expectations.  We expected at least a one and a half week long as his respiration improves and oxygen levels stay in a good range, we could be looking at going home real soon. only complaint right now would be sharing a room....this is standard practice but every time the baby next to us makes a peep, Connor is disturbed as well (and really, the same will go for Connor making noise and waking the other baby)....HIPPA (those ridiculous notions of privacy in a hospital) is a joke....not exactly private when you're only separated by a curtain.       ............anywho, expectation were totally exceeded today.......praying for an amazing night.
This morning before everything.

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