Friday, August 24, 2012

Pics from 1st 24hours past G tube surgery....

One of the last pics with the dang g tube.   Some of the pics may bother a few but I have no pics of the actual stoma or anything truly graphic beyond the taped up areas from his stomach.  I hope this is enough of a sort of disclaimer if you are easily offended by medical things...then again, this blog has been largely medical.  :D

His Auntie Megan loving on him the morning of his surgery is complete mess but we've had fun with the incredibly full house we've had.

One of the first pics post surgery.  Connor scared me a bit at first.  His heart beat was past 200 for about 10 minutes when the post surgical team calmed me to see if I could calm him down before they got him on some strong med (don't remember the name, started with a D).  ....anywho, took a while for them to vent him but he got there.  I scored major mommy points for getting his heart rate settled in despite of my initial fear of picking him up (he had many more lines and such attached to him).

I was initially shocked with the g tube and his lips were majorly red from having the prosthesis put in.
BUT...gotta say, he looked great.
Sort of waking up .....and true Connor fashion, was smiling once he saw us.

Pretty dang drugged up with morphine and tylenol and remaining effects of whatever else he had.  But wow, he was truly wiggling around and smiling a ton.  He tired pretty quickly but I'm still amazed.

This is it.  I sort of got a view of his prosthesis but would be hard to get a pic right now.  ....he has what's called the Mic-key.  Most doctors nowadays put the button in first thing....but Connor has an old school doc that prefers the tube first.  It has to have a curl to it that sort of stands straight up from his stoma (the hole in his stomach).  His reasoning for this is that you get a cleaner hole.  If he initially gets the button, it is easier but he can move around so much that the button would wiggle the hole as it's healing and make leakage happen much more.'s hard to explain but I understand it as I look at the differences and sometime I'll take a pic of the button that will replace this tube (we have the boxed up button that will be placed in a clinic visit in 6 weeks).  ....but the tube comes out of his tummy and is taped in a sort of handle fashion....and first thing Connor does when he's up and the blanket is pulled back is pull the thing.  Gotta say, the next 6 weeks will not be easy.

This pic shows the tube a bit better.  There is a cap at the stoma and underneath is gauze to catch any possible leakage from the stomach.  The first cleaning and removal of all that tape showed absolutely nothing.  No blood, nothing.  The doc may be old school but he's good and I totally got what he meant by placing this first.  ....also here, the tube doesn't have the cool tape job that helps Connor from pulling this out. ....also near the blue foot of the blanket you can see the port where he will get his nutrition and meds.  This port only differs from the g tube port in that it has a 3rd port where you fill the balloon that keeps this tube in his stomach (the balloon rests at the base of the tube, is filled with a small amount of water that litterally is in his stomach and the cap around the tube is pushed down to sit at the top of the stoma).  I hope this makes sense....the balloon and cap make a sandwich of the stoma and it's all that secures the thing. 

He looks pretty out of it but he wakes and plays....wears himself out and has stayed on a morphine and tylenol diet this first day (also had some morphine initially last night).

Because of not being able to lay that tube down flat, it's sort of nerve racking figuring out how to cuddle...but we'll get there.

My lack of sleep and his shows here but it's all good, we'll get where we need to be.  He had a tough time his first little feeds but that's to be expected.  He's been suplemented with saline water right now to keep him hydrated.  ......he also had two one ounce bottles yesterday and considering he has a brand new prosthesis screwed into his palate, I'm impressed.  And yes, he spit up a bit but again, he'll get there.

This shows the tape job I'll have to master each morning with Mikey's help.  It's a two man job because Connor is a total wiggle worm.   .....and he loooooves to pull on this tube but they assure me that it should stay put.  I'm told onesies will be my best friend as far as dressing him goes.  My question for today will be how on earth do we manage this with the car seat buckles?!

One of the pics before he went to sleep last night.  He was smiling but my flash manages to take it away every time!!!  .......he slept all night and had his first continuous feed throughout the night.  They started with 20ml an hour and worked their way up to his normal 40ml an hour.  I'm sitting next to him now.  He's still sleeping and doing ok.  He's had a few spells where his respiration rate slows big time but other than that he handled his night well.  Today he'll start a few pumped up bulous feeds.  They were going to start him right off on his home schedule of 100ml 4 times a day but after having a sort of rough start yesterday and getting so much last night, that will probably change after talking to the doc.  Too much too soon doesn't work well for Connor.  .......bottom line though, he's doing amazing.


  1. He is so beautiful! You know...I agree old school is best sometimes..there is no need to rush things. I think it looks great! If you have pics of his stoma I'd like to see (obvious I'm married to a nurse) but, having worked in pediatrics for so long... Children are so amazing to me the way they are able to be like ok this is new so, I'm gonna play with it! Which is also great b/c it shows you that it's not painful. Lots of love my beautiful sister! You are amazing!

    1. Thanks Nikki!...I figure when Mikey and I do our first tape job on our own, we'll take pics. Today, I'll tape it with a nurse there giving me tips.'s going to be something actually getting my hands on that area. .....and yes, he's yanked that thing pretty hard and didn't act like it was too bad....granted, he was pumped up on some major meds. ......thank you for always thinking of us!