Monday, December 3, 2012

A phone dump....and choosing better...

I read recently the you really just have to choose if you're going to be bitter or better   ........sometimes I foget that I choose to be better and enjoy each day.  It's the human condition I suppose.'d be nice to say each day I wake up and do all the right things but more often than not, I get up go to the bathroom, make my coffee and sit around until one of my boys wakes up.  ......and at that point, I often just let my day happen to me rather than making choices of how my day should go.    .......I don't think I'm the only one that does this either.   .......alot of us forget that every day is a new opportunity to make ourselves a little better....and in the process, influence our families and others around us to choose better as well.
Anywho.......I'm so grateful for the good things in my, it was time to throw some pics on here for friends and family.
Thanksgiving morning....Sawyer helping out.

Outfits my mom got for these little guys for Thanksgiving day...they were adorable.  ......this was at my friend Jeannie's's our tradition to be there pretty much every Thanksgiving.  We're thankful to have friends we love as much as family.

Connor hanging out with his dad and watching some good ole football.

Part of my 'smash' journal......I love this guy still.

The tree going up.  ........I used to be a die hard real tree kinda girl but really, how simple and beautiful are these trees nowadays.

Connor before bed...he has his leads on and is chewing on something like a phone charger (i know...parent of the year..huh?!)....this outfit was found in a box of Ireland's things.  It's amazing it fit and even though there was a chord of saddness, how cool that she has a hand me down for Connor.

Sawyer looooooooves his cars.

This g-tube baby has noooooo oral aversion whatsoever!

Oh lovely teen....

Grateful I can actually do this.

and adding weights is hard but needed.  I feel healthier every time I do this.

This little one wakes with the rosiest cheeks every single morning.

Tristan was soooo proud to gift us with some twinkies........meanwhile...I swear they don't taste anything like they did when I was little.

Sawyer waking up and running around with Ellie.

To wait for breakfast (or anything)....a little angry birds is nice.

This mornings greetings!  Loving those two front teeth.

Poor Lucky-dog...he's Sawyer's absolute favorite toy.
THAT'S IT!....gotta really get ready for Christmas.  I have got most family done except everyone in my own house...I know, horrible.....but how fun to get going on this.  :D

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