Friday, March 22, 2013

Post tongue clip dump

I apologize for taking forever to get on here and update.  No excuse, just haven't made the time to get on here.  Since the last post on the 24th of February, aye, aye, aye.....Connor has had his tongue clipped, new ear tubes placed, a horrible cold (shared with his brother Sawyer), and now we're just integrating a new normal into our life.  Sawyer was just recently thrown into the world of Early Intervention due to him still just having less than the amount of words the medical community has deemed necessary at his age.  Sawyer has also been recommended for an evaluation by a specialist because of M-CHAT score. I'm reserving my opinions on that a bit because the fact is there is a few challenging things about Sawyer but I truly believe he's frustrated getting his thoughts across and simply needs some more time figuring out his language.

A little laughter in the messy family room.

This was a few days before the tongue clipping.  Ocassionally, I lay down with this little guy.  He still has his puppy with the binky and has always preferred sucking on the legs versus the binky.

Tristan had an early prom this year because it was held in the state capital building.  I wish I had some pics to post because the capital is beautiful, but he's a teenage boy....he took about 3 pics of the grounds and the interior.   ............anywho, I think he really enjoyed prom day.  Out here in Utah, it's not just have your day and get ready to go.  Here, they have a "day date" and then get ready to go.  So earlier he, his girlfriend and his friend (and his date), all went bowling and then out to lunch.  Tristan dropped everyone off and then had to pick up his date's corsage.  Rush home, shower and then off to pick up his lady.

I think he was stressing about forgetting something...or maybe his shoes were tight....all that money for a tux, and he ended up wearing tennis shoes.

Random, me.  ....I'm not much on make up and clearly need some eyebrow shaping, chapstick and a smile.  I am starting to see my age showing in this picture.  Why on earth I'm posting a less than stellar pic is beyond me but sometimes ya just want to share reality.  ....and seriously, I think our noses must get bigger as we time I post a random pic, I'll have Mikey take a good one. to next pic.  :D

I really did love his girlfriend's dress.  Only little people can pull off this much material.  It really had a dreamy affect and she just was truly lovely.  ........not to mention, Tristan was looking pretty dang good too.

For all the faults with social media....we get to have "skype" dates with family back home.  On the left is my mom and dad (Amy, my sister-in-law, is back there on the couch) and then the right side is us.  .....I love skype.  We should do this more often but we get to feel like we're visiting on occassion.  ...this Sunday, Tristan and I are actually performing a "concert" for my parents.  Tristan will be playing the guitar, while I sing.  ....oh no, this will not be on youtube.  This was an effort to get him to practice properly so he'd get even better with the guitar.

Even though he gave her the corsage at her house....I had to get a picture for myself.  They seemed to think the "acting" for me was funny.  Once again, I do think they looked so incredibly good for their prom.  ..........she even made his corsage.  I love that she did that.  Good girl, indeed.

Connor randomly falls asleep during lunch.

Why, hello!

Random Tristan and his brother, Sawyer sighting.

This was the day of Connor's tongue clip surgery and also when he went in for more ear tubes.  Mikey did not go to this one because we knew this would be quick and then we'd come home.  ..........this surgery was super fast and easy.  I spoke with Dr. Siddiqi, his plastic surgeon and he said it would just take a few minutes to check his palate and to clip the tongue.  Dr Meijer, was his ENT (as always) to check his ears and change out his tubes.  ...and then, normally you get the random anasthesiologist to come talk to you but Connor has enough surgeries that we "knew" this guy.  He'd been with Connor through a few other procedures and surgeries so when it came time for Connor to go back to the surgery area, Connor just smiled and went away.  ...........and it didn't make me sad, it was comforting knowing he was with doctors that all seemed to know him and care so much for him.

This was another pic before he went back but I'll tell you about the afterwards.   ........once he went back, I ran downstairs to let Mikey know everything was taking place.  I then called my mom and surely made a facebook post.  By the time I went back to the surgery waiting room, Connor was done.  NICE.  I wasn't even gone 45 minutes!  .........Apparently, the ENT let me know that there was alot of fluid behind one of Connor's ear drums and the opposite ear was terribly red.  ........the crazy thing is, Connor has never really acted like his ears have bothered him.  He's so incredibly easy going that it's almost worrisome to think he may have something bothering him and we just don't know.    ......since the surgery, Connor has started pulling on his ears quite a bit so currently he's taking a dose of antibiotic ear drops. for the tongue clipping, he does seem to know how to suck now and so is doing well with a thickened bit of nutren jr. (his drink for more formula).  I trialed him with a regular bottle of unthickened formula but we found out fast that he was probably aspirating that.  ...just to let you know, I feel confident that I can tell when he's aspirating but sometimes it's called "silent" aspiration because you can't tell until you hear it in their lungs.  Well, suffice it to say, 24 hours of unthickened formula let us know he was aspirating.  He does have another swallow study scheduled for April and we'll be interested to see what will be the next step in getting him to eat and drink as "normally" as he can.  He keeps the g tube still for medicines and our biggest worry is to be told that he can't eat or drink because his lungs are being more and more compromised.  ........decisions for the continuing need for the g tube will be made after his next swallow study.   .....and he can suck but because of how thick his formula has to be made, he continues to use his haberman bottle with a slit cut through the top but he's slowly figuring out a sippy cup that has a long and pliable mouth piece.  ...he hasn't quite figured out how to hold the cup but he'll get there.

the afternoon of his surgery...he was sort of "drunk" off the anasthesia but otherwise ok.  He did happen to puke at one point but there was just one incidence.

Happy baby.

Even later that day....obviously, doing just fine.  

The boys were spoiled by their aunt, Sarah (Mikey's sister) and received this present.  There is a rock wall, slide, basketball hoop, football throw, and soccer goal.  Tristan helped me put this together one night while Mikey was at work and just threw it in the living room for a few days....Sawyer showed he's got some major basketball skill.  At 2, he can be back a bit, stare at the hoop, shoot and quite often get a basket.  Mikey is a typical dad and thinking he has a super star in his future.  ........meanwhile, I loved his game face here.

Oh yeah!!!

quick skills video

that's my boy!

some random sweetness before I changed his diaper.

a crazy morning.  Occassionaly, Sawyer feels the need to piggy back in this thing.  The cuteness lasts only so long before roughness reigns and I have to remove him from the back of this thing.  

The weather is starting to get nice.  I love spring almost as much as Sawyer.  ...I am sooooo glad we now have a fence for our backyard so that he can just run around.


We were lazy this past fall, so had to go out and clean up our garden beds.  We live on about a half an acre of what is mostly sandy soil so require the raised beds.  We noticed the soil actually benefited from our laziness.  There was some natural composting going on all winter and we're expecting a nice garden.  ........I'm pretty excited about the garden this year.  We typically just stuff the boxes and go grab things as they come up.  Because I've been home awhile now, we actually have garden PLANS and should have a heck of a good year out there.  I've already got spinach and muesilix and pole beans and even pansies....ok, we had snow yesterday so they're still inside but I have transplants and also my seeded stuff is growing!  ....I'm thinking they'll be in the ground next week.  Soooo excited to put this stuff out there.

We have a total of 6 4x4 boxes and 1 8x4 box.  We'll have a ton of veggies but one box is going to be dedicated to tea plantings and another for herbs.  We're also using some of our vegetables for decoration this year.  .........we have an area that I call Lucky's poop box.  It's a fenced in area from our side door to the shed.  It keeps our yard clean.  ..........anywho, the outside of this fence is somewhat hidden by a tree but this year, I'll plant mini pumpkins along the outside of that fence.  The vines can grow as they may and by Halloween, we'll have a nice decoration for that area too.  On the opposite side, I'll be planting a vine that  will permanently hide the area.  I've got those vines growing inside right now.  I bought several small transplants to see which one had the color I really wanted before we go ahead and get those going/

It took Connor a bit before he realized playing in dirt was fun but Sawyer is in his element here.  He loooooooves outside.  

I think this one is beginning to realize outside is cool too.  ....unfortunately, we have some horrible grass surrounding our garden and with Connor still being a crawler, I have to plop him in a box or he gets stickers (that hurt) on him.  ...we're possibly going to till some of the ground surrounding the garden to increase our planting area but we're just not sure yet.  We don't want to take on too much and besides, we've got a project we're hoping to get going here in another month or two for Ireland's memorial  garden (a fairy-cottage garden, to be exact).   .......more on Ireland's garden later.

as you can see, we need either more mulch or to plant some sort of ground cover for around the boxes.
Mulch is expensive so if not this year, I'm really leaning towards ground cover and making some simple walking path stones.  We're planning on goats in the next year or two so will have to fence off the garden.   (yes, our neighbor raises adorable mini goats, and I miss the farm life I grew up on so want to give the boys a taste of that life....Tristan got screwed on that a bit but hey, he does have a dog and cats)

I just love this picture!  He's showing off how he can turn his tongue now (before the clipping, he had a dimpled tongue when he'd try to stick it out at all because the bottom thingy grew nearly to the bottom tip of his tongue).

Darth Vader or me trying to push my cheeks out to an alarming head popping width?
....I was slated for a surgery tomorrow because of severe sleep apnea during rem sleep.  It was called a UP# surgery and would have cut out part of my top palate, my unvula (the hangy down thing in the back of your throat) and my tonsils.  A quick google search of the surgery had me cancelling that surgery and off to a new doctor to explore a few other therapies before I do something painful, drastic and possibly life altering.  ............thus experimentation with various CPAP masks.  Also, I thought the mask was for oxygen.  That is not the case.'s continuous positive air palpatations (thus, cpap).  This thing pushes air and sort of makes my lazy inside parts do what they're supposed to do and keep my airway open. Sexy, huh?

this was a smaller one.....and yes, looking horrible because got about no sleep because of the wires connected to me that night.  ..........this one just pushed air in your nose but you couldn't open your mouth or you felt like you couldn't breathe.  Apparently, during sleep, your body adjusts to this thing and your mouth naturally closes regardless of you normally opening your mouth......anywho, this isn't quite as bad.  ...........and for those thinking of the whole, you look crazy part.  Come sleep.  The thing comes off whenever you want.  The room is dark and this connects to something fairly small.  I'll be giving it an honest go once I get the home one.  I tend to go to bed early but if I get 4 to 6 hours of sleep, with sleep medication, I consider it a good night.  I need this thing.  I'm a walking zombie sometimes.  Look at my eyes.....I've heard your weight can drop, your mood is lifted, your eyes come back to life because you use this thing and finally SLEEP!  ....I should be getting my home kit any day now.  I dread getting used to this and the obvious teasing I'll get at first from my loving family....but, I sure hope this is a miracle for me.

This was actually a green, white chocolate cake but I had the nasty white chocolate m&m's so decorated.  This was my first mini, 6" cake.  It was so cute.  I needed to practice because we're throwing a small party for the boys the Saturday before Easter and I want them each to have a little cake.    ...........Sawyer's birthday was February 1st but Connor was in the hospital from his palate surgery and the year before, Mikey was TDY (temporary work thing away from home).  Soooo, Sawyer deserves a party too.  And well, Connor will be 1 on that day (March 30th).  

Post sweet.  Not sure why I placed him here versus cuddling.  Can only think I was probably having to prepare his drink.

Sawyer wanted this cake!!!!

Finger chomping and fussing came big time when I continued to say no....I know, total cutie should of maybe got a little bite.

We headed out to Antelope Island (a 10 minute drive from our house) one afternoon.  Sawyer wanted to roam with the buffalo.

Connor wanted to run around too but alas, no shoes.....and well, he can't walk.......who in the hell are his parents?!, and where on earth are his shoes here?   Somebody call DFS.

we'll need to come out for a picnic before the no-see-um bugs come to the island.  Those little gnat like creatures attack me like I'm lunch and I've yet to find a way for them to not eat me.   ..........fortunately, it's cool enough that they haven't been seen yet.

Hey there buffalo!

The island really is quite beautiful....and right now, there aren't alot of people there which makes it the best.  ....the one sad thing, the water is ridiculously low.


Mikey was holding Connor here while Sawyer and I were exploring.  Love this face.  ....I've started reading this book called Wonder (literally just started) but so far the beginning is about a boy of 10 born with facial abnormalities that's had tons of surgeries and has scars that people inevitably stare at....anyway, just started the book but I look here............Connor was born like that and you see his scars at certain angles and I wonder how everything will look as he grows.  Right now, I just think he's perfect and can't imagine feeling anything different.  He has surgeries to come, therapies to include in his life, years of dental work coming up.....and look, he's just perfect.

driving away and looking back towards the south west section of the island.

Oh....we got chicks!....I need to take another picture.  These beauties have grown like crazy and we're thinking of going ahead and doubling their population.  We have the room and time ....and plenty of friends to share eggs with.

Tristan devised a better poop area for the girls.  We have cookie cooling trays on top of the paper now.  We change everything daily to keep them clean...and really, I'll post another pic soon.  They're getting huge, fast.


We're going to convert part of our existing shed into a coop.  We're also taking half of Lucky's poop area for chicken run area.  The nice thing about that little poop area is it's already fenced and we can easily open the door to give them a little free range time whenever we're outside.  ........that way, the boys can chase them and I can enjoy watching.

snack time!

Sawyer has a thing about getting in this box to read.

Connor needs to  see what's going on here!!!

Tristan and I handmade these birthday invites.  I'm just proud because it's not often your teen wants to do this sort of thing with his mom.

I made a cute little poem and Tristan actually designed all this.

We had to stamp and sign the backs of each.

We jazzed up the envelopes too....just a little. We don't want to get too girly but seriously, I have to do the cute stuff before they can talk and share their opinions on this stuff.

the front.

Sawyer helping with the morning chores.

yummy cinnamon rolls rising....except for the part where I wasn't paying attention and added WAY too much cinnamon....better luck next time.

help with the cinnamon fiasco...yet looking sooooo innocent.

morning distraction with coloring

Tristan's amazing attempt at la leche cake....umm, dieting has been non-existent this week.

a sad attempt to learn how to crochet.  I will stick with this until I can atleast make the dang square.  I've been doing this for hours joke.

and here lies the backside of a crochet lesson gone bad....oh well, i'll try again.

alrighty then....boys are up....chaos says i'm done.  no time to spell check....sorry.  ;D

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