Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random phone dumping....again

I am a  horrible blogger.  I feel obligation at times to report medical things so neglect the basics of sharing. 
Those boxes are some of Connor's monthly supplies.  This was a few days before Connor turned one.  I love how my littlest guys light up to see and spend any amount of time with Tristan.

Love his cheesy smiles!


Love those lips of Sawyer's!!!

Very cute video of Connor saying thanks to everyone for birthday cards and having a benefit for him.

First Easter egg hunt....ridiculously huge crowd and about zero actual eggs from hunt.  We'll stick with small family affairs.

My friend Jeannie.  Probably blinking but perhaps random napping at our babies' birthday party.  She is the busiest mom I know.  Awesome mom that does not do enough for herself and the most unselfish person ever.

Connor and Sawyer's birthday party had the best weather ever!

All neon bright toys brought out for the kiddos.

C'est moi and Connor.  I don't remember the last time I felt this happy.

Some friends.....

Tristan made an amazing la leche cake for the guys birthday.  Connor also got his own whipped cream cup cake (again made by Tristan) and Sawyer also got his own cupcake (lazy mom got those from Sam's club).  Both guys had their own singing of the birthday song.  Happy day!

They had matching shirts that said they were the best gift ever.

and both had birthday boy pins for their shirts....


Easter morning....

Easter day heading out.

Random sighting of Tristan....he looked so good though it's hard to tell in this pic.

Mikey not so happy with me letting him know his red didn't mast the red of the guys.  ...I wanted to take a pic of all of us but it never happened.  so sad.

Look at that laughing boy!!!

Good morning...

He somehow got in the bathtub one morning.  Both of my guys loooooove bath time.

Random happiness.

The benefit thrown for Connor was a huge success.  I'm still amazed at how such a small town and our family pulled this off.  I have over 50 thank you notes I'm still very slowly getting done.  I've been told it's not necessary but yes, it is.  I'm southern in my own ways but this is the one thing that I do feel should spread like a wildfire.  Personal notes through good old snail mail is always appreciated....and I am beyond appreciative of certain burdens being lifted.  This year, our deductible will be fully paid by our family and friends.  ....and we still had enough to start a garden for Ireland.  (I will post pics of befores and during and after for far we have only two trees that have arrived through mail and they currently look like two sticks in the yard....time....)

 A book of lovely thoughts and well wishes and prayers...
This little four wheeler was Connor's present from us but apparently Sawyer likes it more than his bigger, cooler one., this moment, they just shared.  Nice.

Spring break was beautiful here.  My friend's kiddos came over for a day.  Mikey made a temporary shelter for the, they're huge now.

Funny boy.

The teens needing a fire.

Connor on the big four wheeler.

Start of a garden...just peas, some hardy veggies here and there....

Perennial strawberries gracing us with their yumminess....

Pansies to have a splash of pretty.

Gracie and our chick, Rhett.  Rhett has hairy legs so gets a boy name.

Gabby has a chick in her hand...or maybe it flew away.  We had a hilarious chicken catching moment when they all got out and ran towards an excited Lucky dog who happened to be fenced away from them.

Connor kicking off his shoes and just hanging out.

Sawyer entranced by the neighbor cutting his grass.'s a big thing around here.  (see my old school tv and entertainment center back there...that solid oak contraption cost $15, we painted it, and the kiddos got to watch some good ole' VHS Disney videos.  We get so many complements on that old thing.  It's nice to have a tv downstairs when I need kiddos distracted while I do my own thing.)

These chairs provide endless fun somehow.  Also, Connor thinks this is his walk-training chair.  He sits there then stands up and takes a step or two...makes sure we're watching...we all clap and then he either falls down or does his best to sit right back down. the middle of April.  The benefit has been a ton of green in the aftermath of these crazy weather days.

Old Pugsly dog is still the binky around this little guy.

Sawyer's random gaming session.

He's mobile...and total trouble.  He prefers toilet play if he can get anyone to forget to shut the door.  He also is keen on climbing stairs now.

Sawyer is into grabbing our shoes now and was a born hat lover.

Connor thankful to be done with a day of appointments yesterday.  He'll start weekly feeding therapy again.  We need to work on him learning to swallow regular drinks.  For now, he'll try the tiniest of sips.  In the coming weeks, we'll decide if he needs another swallow study....a more thorough study....or if this is something he can safely be taught.

I heart this picture. 

That's it.....I'm going to work on weekly phone dumps.  Really, this blog is for family and friends but I'm realizing I love looking back at the pictures.  The pictures remind me our life is pretty sweet.  We're not rich.  We are not perfect.  ..........but our life is beautiful and the more I look at my own blog, I realize this.  And in a world that suffers in so many ways, it's nice to look at all the simple and under appreciated beauty.  And for me, this family we've created is total beauty.