Saturday, June 1, 2013

Massive phone dump

I would call myself a bad blogger....but how very repetitive.
a please stop taking my picture while I'm trying to rest pose.

Sawyer likes the tablet around here entirely too much.  I did ask one of the so called 'experts' that come around here (speech therapist) what she thought of kids at this age (2) playing on these things and she said you'd get a different answer from anyone.  We just try to use common sense. A little here and there and age appropriate.

Sawyer loves to put on our shoes and hats.

This is not previewed...but hoping this is the video of Connor laughing hysterically.

Under the table shenanigans.

Tristan practicing the guitar in the bathroom as I give the boys a bath.  ....did I ever mention that the babies around here absolutely think he's a rock star?

Our wonderful speech therapist from the Parent/Infant Program for the deaf and blind....and Connor is not deaf or blind....he simply has ear issues that will possibly be ongoing.

At a local nature center.....big wall with holes to look onto a creek/river...not sure which really.


Sawyer and I sneaking up on geese....


water break....


Mother's day prep.....

Connor is more interested in chewing on crayons than coloring....Sawyer however looooooves this activity.

Happy, happy, joy, joy....

Summertime haircut...

Morning giggles.

Our chickens grew fast!

These boys lucked out with a dad who takes them on random yard rides.

Mother's day trip to see some animals....and Sawyer's first horse ride.  He loved this and so did I.

Baby duck here.

Connor got in on the action too.  He sure hates this hat though.  It was a struggle but Connor has that pale baby skin that will surely burn.  This particular hat has a strap so eventually he forgets about it.

Tristan decided to ride the train with Sawyer.  Was so cute because these were tiny seats and luckily they said for him to go ahead in there.....Sawyer was just happy to be hanging out with his big brother.

It was a beautiful day here.

Jeannie and Marnee.  My 2 beautiful BFFs.  We go out to eat at random and not nearly enough.  These 2 share daughters (practically) and I tend to believe my one friend's son is a little part my boy too (though he just graduated and would probably prefer I call him a man).   .......did I mention that I do not see these ladies nearly enough?!

Random funny face....

A day out to picnic and Sawyer preferred pretending he was driving.  All boy here.

There was plenty of nature but why pick flowers when you can put some water on the hot pavement of an empty paring lot and splash......

Shortly after said picnic, this guy had what looked like an inflamed bug bite.  It ended up being a pretty serious staph infection.  He had to take a course of some heavy antibiotics and though his arm is no longer red, swollen or oozing...he still has an almost bruised looking area where the original "bite" was.  We may take him to the doctor again just to be on the safe side.

Not previewed but hoping this is one of the videos of Sawyer and his awesome dance moves.

Connor has got to have on of the best cheesy smiles ever!  Oh I love this face.

These guys are playing together a lot now.

smiley here....

This I not the best pic because Sawyer is basically on top of me here....occasionally, I get attacked.  I'm ok with that, too.

This is one of Connor's beanies to suck on when his beloved dog is getting a bath/wash.  This is also the boppy seat that all the random articles say a new parent doesn't need....bah humbug, you need this.  When the baby can't even sit up, they'll sit up in this.  To this day, Sawyer will even sit in this.  Currently, it pretty much always stays on the bathroom counter.  This is Connor's seat for brushing teeth, getting hi face washed, hair brushed and random parental potty breaks without him diving for toilet paper or getting into things with Sawyer.    .........yay for the boppy seat!!!!

Goats I found on the side of the road....sadly, I was a goat owner less than an hour.  I really, really liked them.

umm, not previewed again.  I think this is us trying to get Connor to blow off his hot muffin.  Hilarious.

Did I mention that his feeding therapy is going wonderfully?  He is still on thickened liquids due to aspiration though he randomly grabs Sawyer's juice boxes for he does know how to suck from tiny straws.   ....anywho, he has a thing about not liking slimy textures (think banana or egg cooked just so) but he's doing really well.  He's working on soft textured foods like breads.  I'm finding that as long as we make sure he's not stuffing his face (which produces a big wad that gets spit out), he does great.  .......many mama's in the special need's world do not like what I'm about to say, so read on if this bothers you but seriously, not a soul would ever know what Connor has been through  just by looking at him.  He's been amazing.  If one stares, they'll see his scars or notice the g tube through his shirt but really, he looks so good.

Sawyer is a muffin lover.  He is not a very good eater and not only super tall for just turning 2 (just shy of 3 feet) but he's a skinny little love.  I've found the trick is to turn things into muffins and he's on it.  This is a current favorite, peanut butter and jelly muffin.  Also, now that I'm truly feeding 3 grown people and 2 little guys that like snacks too....I'm learning to cook double.  Between a hungry teen (and the occasional other children I claim/teen friends), I'm becoming a more efficient cook.  I even make my own hot pockets now (call me Betty, if you please).  I got a book called Mad Hungry, feeding men and not in front of my face (sorry but Internet age, please look up)...anywho, she has an amazing recipe for pot pies/hot pockets.  Try them.  You even make the pastry.  They're amazing microwaved and after making them the first time, it's way easy to do the next time.  Plus, I get 12 of them....very tasty microwaved straight from the freezer.

A little random medical/insurance tiff.  Yes, it seems all that you read on insurance being a pain can be so true.  Our blue cross/blue shield insurance has been so great for us.  Yes, paying a deductible sucks.  Certain docs are not covered fully and certain therapies are out of pocket, but we know that deep down, we've been fortunate.   .........and then there is the occasional deal where something isn't covered by your insurance so codes are fired off and deals are made with an insurance company that sells what your child needs.   .......enter, Apria.  We are still dealing with a nearly $900 bill that is from late last year.  You call, they say disregard.  You argue, they say it's taken care of.   GRRRRR......   the worry here isn't so much the bill that all parties
seem to know in computer world is a pissy's that if this doesn't get resolved, this will effect our credit score an say we're late or not paying something.    .....this is the frustrating side of our world.  Luckily, this is the only bill like this but trust me, our phone is ringing too many times and I'm just glad I married someone very good with record keeping so we know what is paid, who's trying to double charge, etc.  ....crazy stuff.

I posted this the other night on facebook because they were being so hilarious....and then had to be separated before someone (me) got hurt.  ........I didn't even pay attention that Connor's g tube was exposed here.....just saying, he's doing so great that besides his med times and him occasionally tuggng the thing, we are used to it just being a part of him now.

This couch is so trashed in such a little amount of time.  Also, Sawyer was so kind as to grab a permanent marker on mother's day and took it to the seats of this couch.  Yes, it's highly visible and just covered by the blanket. my defense, these couches were bought pre-babies so the light blue was simply a fashionable choice.

Sawyer last night on watch as his brother was cutting grass.  I think he may have moved once to get some more milk.

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