Friday, September 20, 2013

What is an Ebook? and how can I publish one?

There has been some confusion as to how to download the book I wrote.  First, an e-book is simply a pdf file.  If you have something as easy as Adobe reader, you can download this.  If you can download documents in your email, you will download this with ease.

I wrote this in what is called a S Note app.  (S note allows drawings and documents to be made using my tablet's s pen).  I then exported that file to our family's dropbox app. ( dropbox saves all of our pictures in one also houses documents. )  From there, I went to  This is the site I had publish my e-book.

Simple as that.  1. Get your idea.  2.  Write  3. Make this a PDF file.  4.  E-junkie

E-junkie also can sell physical items but really....go to ebay for that unless you have a blog or website.

The only advice I can give from here is to promote and be patient.  So far, I'm learning my patience seems to only extend to my kiddos.  I so want this to be just a little successful.   At least, with my own friends and family.

To access my e-book simply go to the shopping cart at the upper right side of this blog.

And truly, it is as easy as it sounds.  My subject matter made thiss hard....but I'll talk about that another day.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Made an Angel E-book!!!!

 I wrote a BOOK!!!!

an e-book.....

I just hit the publish button and it's a done thing.  This is a simple 72 page book that tells a bit about our story with Ireland.  Writing was difficult AND not so difficult.  I'll post about that very soon so I can share the process I did to make this happen.  Pricing wasn't easy.  Obviously, I want to make money...and then we really would like to give to the two places that meant the most to us concerning Ireland. please, if it's ridiculous, let me know.  Also, please, please, PLEASE, leave me a comment if you want me to answer any questions about how this was made and/or published.  My plan is to next week go into detail about this so any of my friends or family wishing to do something like this will know step by step what to do.  I think the whole process was fairly simple now that I've done it.  Also, I nearly peed my pants hitting the publish button!!!  I know....TMI (too much information)....but really...REALLY!!!!...I finally did it.  It's not a Pulitzer here but I'm very proud.  Those who have read this gave me criticism to add more here or less there or go ahead and write a book-book.....and well, in the end, we decided this was a format perfect for me.  It's my style....dots and pictures and chalkboards and all.  Also, looking around at other ebooks we noticed far higher and far lower prices.  I did what I felt I'd spend on something like this that included a donation to something worthy.     .........anywho, with pride, I present:

To buy the book, you must be in web mode.
I haven't quite figured out how to link this to 
be seen in a mobile view.

My hubby helped, my dad said my spelling was fine but it was a hard read, Tristan ......well Tristan read it too though it hits home for us with the initial friends and my family inspired me to do this and it feels so good.  ......I have ideas for future ebooks but this will surely always be my favorite simply because it's my girl here.

And seriously.......I promise to do my best on inspiring you to write something too......and if your gift is art or pictures or making something physical to sell......I have learned a few things and will try to share that with you.  I'm big on you reap what you sow and that one must give in order to receive.....I've got a very long way to go on learning how to edit or be a bit "more refined" but I'm learning some major lessons on how to think fukem' and do your thing.  ........apologize for my use of bad language but seriously.......this attitude is helping a bit.  :D

Soooooo.........that's link for this is at the top of my sidebar.  It's all fairly simplified and if at any point it seems something is amiss, please let me know.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

GI issues and Autism....updates on the littlest Brady's

Warning!:  very long post with lots of pics!

Waiting, forever, to see the GI doctor.
Just getting into as much as he can until I fuss at him.  

It's MONSTERS!!!  on Friday the 13th!!!!........and his newest obsession....wait for it........pulling off his pants and diapers.  Nice.  Good thing he's cute.

Well, this week has involved a few appointments and alot of paperwork.  Connor has worsening reflux which I guess can be normal.  He's not spitting up alot but more burping...that nasty stuff that you get as an adult I imagine, because his eyes sort of tear up and his breath reeks.  Poor baby.  This has possibly messed with his appetite just a bit.  So far, it's not a problem because really, Connor loves to eat.  The concern is more that if the acid reflux isn't controlled, his esophagus may begin showing signs of the awful reflux and then he just plain old won't want to eat.  ......not there yet, so not worried to that extent.  He did have to go back on his azithromyacin.  .....what can you do??
As for Sawyer, we've been talking to doctors and sort of ignoring doctors since he turned 2.  Why?  Because I've believed boys can simply be slower at learning things. Also, Sawyer can act perfectly normal one day and the next day...well there are alot of next days...he can be odd.  Odd as in screaming at seemingly nothing,  odd in screaming if you dare to stop an activity, odd as in not just a little ole temper tantrum...we're talking anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour plus.  Also, Sawyer is perfectly fine with a few friends we have but does better if kids are around.  He also seems to do better if we're right there or atleast, Connor is there.  He gets scared of our aloe plant.  He counts constantly.  He sings monkeys jumping on the bed easily 20 times a day.  He does that lining up of his cars thing...but oddly, I've not seen him really line anything else up.  He carries a blanket around like ....well like he's going to freakin' lose it if you take his blanket!!!!  I'm learning he likes muffins and peanut butter crackers or sandwiches....anything beyond that, not so much.  He walks in circles....not twirling...just around a room, pool, porch.....if you have something like a kiddie cart, mower or anything he can push...even better.
..........ANYWHO, let me share.
Notice the many areas I just didn't answer and left blank.  Also, on the quest to not label my son but find a little help....I can't just circle a number...I have to add in some quick notes...maybe they could dock some points from that particular number.

Just as in any facebook post......I read directions after dong this paperwork that said do not add points and score........what parent isn't going to do this.......really?!  Notice he has a 0 in one area showing completely normal!!!!  And then we go all Autism happy with a few other numbers.  BUT, let's not forget that maybe some numbers could be reduced.......then again I didn't answer several things because I either thought it was a ridiculous question for his age or there may have been a bit of that fear thinking something is up.

Another Test.........he scored moderate on this one.  Notice I scribbled here and there.....I left a few blank.  

SERIOUSLY....some of these tests were just a bit much.  I got an entire packet on Tuesday to fill out with directions to call then put these in the mail.  .......I haven't called and they're not in the mail.  Monday....I'll put it on the Monday to-do list.  WHY do I hesitate????....well seriously, could he just be going through something?!  I think so  but then again his speech at 2 (32 months if you swing that way) is waaaaaaay lacking.  Speech therapy was here to assess Connor this Thursday.  While Connor was right where he needs to be, discussions about Sawyer walking around and talking gibberish became a topic of we'll see you in 2 weeks for his assessment.  ENOUGH SAID for now.  ............clearly, when he sees the folks associated with this paperwork, we'll get an Autism diagnosis on Sawyer.  His doctor made notes at his 2 year well baby appointment.  I just thought he'd grow out of a few things.  The biggest concern has been his speech...or lack there of.  Really, Connor with all our fears and predictions, is speaking just as well and even clearer.  .......the crazy thing, Sawyer understands everything.  He laughs at the right spots in books.  He knows what we're saying and meaning.  He just also laughs at inappropriate times.  Or screams/yells inappropriately.  He can say alot of words if you're one on one and pointing out specific words.  But have him try to converse with you, and you may be lucky to pick out a word or two.  He has just recently started putting words together and sometimes you get it, sometimes not so much.   ........................sooooooooo....we'll find out things as we go.  I'll share.  Hopefully, if you're interested, you can zoom on these sheets.  I should have added the asperger's questionnaire sheets but really......the questions on that were beyond inappropriate for his age.  I've yet to meet a 2 or 3 year old that isn't selfish, most are not potty trained, groups of friends aren't really established yet, I'm thinking most toddlers don't get sarcasm, etc.  I figure I'll just tell them on the phone that it was ridiculous to send me a questionnaire that clearly was asking questions for someone much older.

OH out of the bag.  I don't by any means want to offend anyone who has a child with Autism.  Right now, for our family, we don't truly understand the many aspects of Autism.  I think Rainman honestly.  And Sawyer isn't Rainman.....I'd obviously be in Vegas if he were.  .....but, I do know a family (vaguely through another friend) that has a little guy with Autism.  He can seem perfectly normal but I also know that these little ones can do well.....some better than others.......some higher or lower on the spectrum.........and some do amazing because of the work that they're doing at home and with care workers.  For us, we've had one daughter pass away from a congenital defect, one perfectly fine teen (though reading some of these sheets had me wondering.....and really, I'm just kidding but there were points that you'd see in any child), one baby with Pierre Robin and various GI difficulties and then we're now finding out Sawyer may have Autism.  It's a bit of a butt hurt thinking your genes are responsible for all of this.  And really, I heard the neighbor's girlfriend (insert scratchy, deep smoker voice) talking about us one day wondering why we'd have kids knowing they would have this was shortly after Connor was born and we went nowhere without his apnea monitor and a book bag full of his feeding equipment and his NG tube (the obvious one in their noses).  Of course, I spoke loudly that some people have no freaking clue (insert really bad word here) but even today, I want to punch her because that crap hurt.  And she was probably just talking out of her bum that day and not meaning anything but at the same time she doesn't know that we had genetics counseling and were told our little gene mix was wonderful.  Gene mixes don't predict developmental conditions like Pierre Robin and about a gazillion other things.  Science is obviously amazing....but as Ireland proved, it's got a long way to go too.  Gene mixes don't predict Autism.   ...............and for me, sometimes I think there are alot of kids functioning in a way that will have them needing care forever....they're autistic and they're parents probably get sick of commercials showing how to "cure" autism.....they probably get sick of the little kid smiling and reading and seeming perfectly normal.  I know this feeling because I've got a little of that with the CDH kids that live on.  It doesn't mean that I'm not happy for them, it just means I'm human and occasionally get really upset that my little one didn't get the same outcome.  Imagine the autistic kid that is grown and still fighting and fidgeting and maybe not speaking at all or needing help constantly........there are major differences in the word Autism.  It should be acknowledged that not all of these kids become the commercialized gluten cured.       ...........anywho, that was my tangent.  I have issues with labels.  It may be why I don't subscribe to being an advocate of my kiddos issues.  I respect those that do.  Goodness knows, I keep them as my friends because they're some knowledgeable peeps and they're there to help in a second if you need to know anything...........and really, I do like to share my story.....thus blogging......and I offer any help at anytime.  But, I don't want labels defining me or my kids.    ...............that is it.  I DON'T WANT LABELS DEFINING ANY OF US.

He's not all about a good picture......good luck with that.....sorry Grandma, there were things to do.

He is not one to stay with the group......he's wanting to explore it all and he'll keep you running and slightly worried if you're closer to traffic.

He can be a bit of a 'zoner' out of nowhere.......but be careful near a road because if you startle him, he may just run.  He's not really aware that this is dangerous as all get out.

He is definitely not the clingy type unless he's ill.  He was a cuddly baby but somewhere along the line he decided that wasn't for don't get your feelings hurt if he doesn't want to kiss or hug.  It's rare for him though he can be extremely sweet when he's in the mood.  

I can just imagine him thinking.......really, this is a train Pappy and Nana!  I can't stop for pictures!!!  If you try to get him to stay still, he'll just start kicking and screaming.  We thought he was just spoiled for awhile there....but really, this is different.  We've tried everything and those that have been around him in these instances (and know us)......well, they just try to offer sweet advice.  So far, we haven't figured out the solution and trust me....we've tried everything from spanking a butt to useless time outs.

Seriously......he's adorable and can be the sweetest kid around.  He is fun and alive and I wish I had his energy.

If you need a hug...just grab this one.  He'll be happy to manipulate you all day.  ........know that I say this smiling and with complete love.....though this is quite honest.


He loooooooved being with family out east this summer.  He did have outbursts going from one new place to another....but he had good times too.  He loved the attention, the food, the laughing and fun..........we all had fun.

Sweet, sweet babies.

He is not a social butterfly like that little guy in the background.  He doesn't just jump in to anything.  He is very cautious and a bit suspicious of everyone.  He may walk the perimeter for some time and it may take alot of prompting to get him to do something new.  It's OK though because eventually, we get him in there and then.....HE DOESN'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!!!

see..........good times!

As much as he loves splashing, he stays on the steps of a pool the entire party, he simply ran around the pool the entire time.  Oh well, we'll get him in there eventually.  He still had a good time.

He zones out with a good movie.  

He's not real great on listening and luckily, the family room is the place to jump around on couches.  He does, for the most part, know to not jump on the furniture downstairs and he does pretty good most of the time with that.  He tends to be wild if he's been cooped up inside for too most little ones, I think.

I've probably posted this picture a gazillion times.  It was a good time.  He walked around that pool probably 20 times, if not more.  He refused to leave that step once we did get him in the pool and the one time we tried to take him away from the was a disaster.  BUT...we had a good time.  He had a good time.  And really, I just love this picture.  He's still my baby and he's got these little hands and big eyes that trust I'll do the right thing for him as his mama.  I'm always trying bud.  I'm not quite sure about the label you'll get but I will see if we can't find a better way to calm you down, ease your fears, and as for any of my babies, make your way towards adulthood as easy and as smooth as possible (with lots of fun, laughing, traditions, family, friends, etc) so you can live your best life knowing that we loved you so much and always did our best for you and with you.

Well............that's all folks.  Connor is good.  Sawyer is good.  Tristan loves his job and most of his senior classes, that is good.  ........let me know if all of these pics are too much or if it slows down uploads for any of you.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Learning process

I've been in a learning process this entire week.  All of my boys have had new things going on. Also, in my try-to-take-over-the-world (of bloggIng) in less than one week, well there is much to learn.  I'll get there ...but it won't happen overnight.    ... I am also trying to learn 50 things at once, so not wise.
Anywho I'll give a thorough update on the boys soon.  No worries... they're awesome,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Learning to Link 5 of my favorite things...and the not so savvy blogger

I hate to admit that I've been up for a few hours and the best I can figure out embedding links is what you'll see here.  I wanted to just type some words and they show up blue for a little link but I swear it just doesn't work for me.  Very frustrating.  And maybe it's lack of sleep and a very late hour but I can't even google the subject with a good explanation on how to do what I'm wanting right now.  I'm feeling very inexperienced and like this should be much simpler than what I'm finding it to be.

Oh well.  I have a few favorite things that I feel like I brag about enough that I should get paid for how much I brag about them.  With that, I did figure out how to embed a code to get what you see here.

1st.  The Fault in our Stars.

This book was found on a list for best books of 2012 or something like that.  I know that it was categorized as teen fiction but really........I can't imagine a 13 year old getting how incredible this book is much less using the words you'll find in here. beyond brief synopsis is that a young cancer patient meets another young patient.  There is a love story but more than that there is some awesome discussions going on in here.  LOVE THIS BOOK!!  I've read it about 3 times now....and I'll add this beat out my obsession with Harry Potter.

2.  Goodnight Moon......not read by Samuel Jackson.


This is the book I can grab and absolutely know Sawyer will chill out and go to sleep.  Enough said.

3.  I hate teflon and I heart ceramic.

These babies have made me an egg connoisseur.  I do spray these with Pam but seriously, they are the best pans ever.  I was getting frustrated that my teflon pans that cost an arm and leg kept flaking into my food after a few months.  Then I spent about $20 for a set of 2 of these at Walmart.  Love ensued.  I will be moving on up and getting the full set of pots and pans as soon as my money tree grows a bit.

4,  The Samsung Note 8.0.


 Seriously, coolest birthday present ever!!!!  As this post reveals, I'm not that techno savvy.  And yet, this thing is the coolest.  It deserves its own post sometime.  I love the pen function...I love the ability to draw pics....I love that I can press a button on the pen, make a circle around a nook or kindle passage or a pinterest picture and just save it anywhere (as in facebook, note, gmail, anywhere!), .....this thing is the best.  This is the product that everyone compares to the Ipads and says is better due to it being Android and user friendly.

5.  Candles....candles that are electric...with a remote.

I happened to marry someone that believes candles are evil and will burn our home and all of us in it.  He is downright ridiculous with candles.  Anywho, beyond my love of glade candles and Yankee candles.........these are awesome for anywhere.  I like the low light for the boudoir but seriously, the first time I used the remote to turn on my candles, I was ready to speak in "Austin Power" mode....that's how cool you get when you decide in a flash you're going to be all romantic and stuff.  ...........enough said.

Anywho, hope all are sleeping as I'm typing and learning away.  Actually, hope I'll go to sleep now that I learned a little something and got a bit of a brain dump taking care to post here.   .......Sawyer has been a bit sick this weekend so that kind of put a damper on the weekend.  Then again, it's nice to just be a bum on, he's more cuddly when he's on temperature fighting meds.  ...meanwhile, Connor didn't get the memo that we're all relaxing and Tristan has been hard to find around here because he got another JOB!  Yay!!!  ...........anyway, I figured once a week or month, I'll post some favorite things.  I love when someone gives me a tip of something great and I'm huge on a good book so I'll always take suggestions there.    .........and if you have a kind tip, please don't call me an idiot, I'd love to figure out where I can best learn how to link html codes.

OK...........that's it.  Let's pray and hope I can get some sleep now.  ........and that Sawyer is better tomorrow.........and that Connor stays out of the trash, bathroom, laundry basket, etc........and that Tristan gets paid...........and that I lose 10 pounds from brain usage tonight........and that I win a million dollars......and world peace........that's good.  ........oh, and that I win my very first football league!!!!  ......and that we cure world hunger.  and the whole Syria thing gets figured out in a peaceful way.  .........good night.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A date and ad hosting. (Yay!)

We don't go out very often without our boys so it was pretty nice to have a night to ourselves.  This is a very small part of Ogden, Utah.  ....It's one of those towns where the people are really trying to bring in businesses and sort of move up its status.  Honestly, if you know where to go, it is becoming nice.  We decided to go out for bbq and then just walk around and grab some ice cream.  ...the one thing we noticed, is the ever increasing presence of bums and the terrible look of druggies.  Where we walked around, it wasn't too bad but driving to our particular destination was a different story.  It's really sad how some of the parks do not seem like the place to safely walk around as the sun starts to set.    ....Anywho,  I wanted to share that I was so excited yesterday to be approved top host ads on my blog.  Since I do know what bugs me, I'm going to try top limit the type of add posted here.  Right now, in the learning process, I'm just authorizing ads on my sidebar.  ...I'm on the most basic set up of add hosting right now.  Blogger, which is the host to my blog and any blog with .blogspot tacked in to the end of their URL, had a monetizing option called adsense.  Basically, you simply apply for ads.  The process took me a few days because apparently I've played around with the design in my blogger home page so much.  ...Seriously, I was frustrated but I  think if you're starting your first blog, the process should be simply following the initial directions.  I just happened to be so dang smart as to push every link I could until something finally came up asking for my address.  Soon after, I got legit emails and even a few cents in my old business checking account to verify funds could be reached.  Nice.  ...if there are any questions you want to ask me about starting a blog, leave me a comment and I'll do my best to help you out.  ...I'm currently deciding that my blog is not going to be a subject specific blog.  I'm just not that person.  My blog will simply continue to be about everyday 'stuff'.  I do know the most lucrative blogs are topic specific but I doubt I could ever stick with that.  But goodness knows I have friends and family that cook, decorate, style food, are hockey obsessed, health nuts...scratch that, health knowledgeable, diet specific, exercise buffs...these passions and more can get pretty popular.  Also, people who do challenges, sort of like that show 30 days, tend to be real popular.  So, despite me wanting to increase the popularity of my own blog, I enjoy others blogs and feel I know a lot of people who may really enjoy putting their passions out in the world.  It's easier than you may think and it becomes only what you want.  Many bloggers keep their personal lives totally separate.   Anywho, happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogging as a career

Lately, the hubby and I have been discussing career choices for moi.  For those that know me well, for the past 20 plus years I've been an inspector.  I'm technically a Certified weld inspector with NDT (non destructive testing) certifications in x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic particle, fluorescent and visual penetrant, oil sampling and visual inspecting.  For now, just know it's career basis came from my Air Force training and that I continued to expand the career for myself because it was lucrative.   .....with that said, I never chose this career.  I chose to be a nurse when I went in the service at 17 years old.  But, bad choices and youth (aka: a cute young naive girl joined the air force and discovered the opposite sex liked her and she lost her inner voice when she drank)....also, I'll insert that lesson was learned fast to get myself together so my mom didn't kick my butt for possibly keeping up my young ways and getting kicked out of said Air Force (luckily totally learned my lesson and even kept myself mostly respectable).....anywho, I got kicked out of the nursing program and thrown into a career that was losing people and in desperate need of more airmen before Chanute AFB, IL closed down as the particular school training those airmen.   .......alright, now fast forward to today.  I dropped the money and stayed home.  I gained an angel despite my preferring a daughter at home.  My teenager grew up without me ready and now I have this 6 foot 3 man in my house that is in high school and teaching me stuff about myself that I don't always want to hear or know.  (I recently learned that I basically became my own mom...which of course, I said I'd never do.)  I have Sawyer who is about 2 and a half and one heck of a challenge.  We were advised in February to have him undergo some testing for autism and we chose to ignore it all.  Recently, we decided instead of fearing another kiddo with an issue or labeling our son as seems the trend nowadays, to go ahead and have him checked out.  More on that to come.  And then there is the babiest-baby, Connor.  With medical science on our side and having been tested for everything under the sun when Ireland was discovered to have CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia), we learned our chances of a future child having any problems was like 99.99999999% not possible.  Enter God and our plans.  Connor is born with a developmental issue that will cause his first year of life to be rattled with surgeries and medical care that I had no idea I'd be capable of performing or understanding.  And with that, today, Connor has issues, some less worrisome than others.......but all in all, he's doing normal toddler things.  Actually, Connor is my brave and totally fearless baby.  This is awesome and also scary as you-know-what.  He's a climber too.  Thus, the fear and little explanation of him and Sawyer having dumped all of his drawers out and me coming in to find the very heavy dresser fallen over (picture above).........sometimes, we just feel lucky in this house.  Not a soul was hurt.   ...........OK, now the explanation of my post title.  ........I'm home.  I love it.  It's the career I chose.  But the pay stinks.  When we decided it was best for me to stay home while the babies were little, I dropped our income by more than one half.  Luckily, we had paid off all of our debt but lo and behold, Connor was then born and bless his heart because it's surely not his own fault, but medical care and deductibles are not cheap.  Even this year where life has been easier, we've reached our deductible and sure enough, that deductible will most likely go up next year.  Soooooo, money.  I can't say we need it though in a way we do because I suck at sticking to a budget.  All of our basic needs are met with one income, even with medical extras not covered with insurance.  We even have a little extra if we're truly honest.  Problem is, despite Pinterest and all the beautiful quotes and the kumbaya world letting me know I don't need stuff or extras.........I like stuff....I like extras.  We don't necessarily need to eat out all the time because I like being home and don't mind cooking.......BUT, I suck at the whole meal planning thing too.  And decorating.  I loooooove messing with all my stuff, my furniture and knickknacks....the home we live in....LOOOOVE it.  Oh, how I like pretty things.   Sooooooo......we need more money because we're not those awesome people (scratch that, because Mikey is awesome with budgeting, his wife just sucks at it) that stick to the budget.   We need more money so life can be a little more balanced.  The awesome thing is, we don't need a ton of extra money.  Mikey has a budget where we'll be debt free again by the time the boys are in school (i'm talking cars and credit cards paid that point, we should be able to pay any deductible fees out of pocket without too much of a problem, pending surgeries are not needed).  That's if I buckle down and really do what I need to do and stick to his awesome plan.  And bless my heart, I will do great one week and then I'll spy something awesome, and there I blew it.  So the money we need is basically for me.  Sad, ridiculous to write, but honest as honest can be.  And the funny thing is, I don't need a ton of extra.  Like I've said before I love home.  Truly, friends don't understand why we prefer home to going out.  BUT, I love to have people over and I love to hear compliments of a good meal, or a painted thing-a-ma-bob, or know that said friends or family felt comfy within our walls and that we all had a blast together.  And well, to feed those friends and family cost a little extra.  To feed them the way I want with nice decor, an extra here and there, and to feel that I've spoiled my family and our guests, well that costs a little extra.  ......and let's also admit that when I live in Utah and our extended families are on the other side of the country...well, that's an added expense to keep up relationships if we actually want to see them or even send out Christmas gifts. again, career  I'd be a great nurse but right now, schooling and too much time away from home is not realistic, nor is the eventual racking up of more bills very wise.  I could be hired today for NDT or CWI jobs, but part of me has always hated that job despite the money...we don't want to go there right now.  Walmart and local businesses are a part time option and right now, they are on the table....but, I'm kind of a pain in the butt and worked so long largely on my own, I'm not real sure how I'd be with some snot nosed twit giving me directions.  Then again, I like people in general and most jobs are far from beneath me....goodness knows, a year of caring for some special needs can make gross things not such a big deal.  A book.  I've been told over and over again to write.  And honestly, how cool is that?!  But really, I'm not as good as anyone thinks.  My punctuation/spelling/grammar is awful, I use dots like they're part of English writing, and I'm too scatter brained.  .......but Blogging.  I like doing that.  I like putting out in the world what I want.  With Ireland's blog, I wrote nearly every day and even today, people check that blog out., I'm going to do this.  I have to or I'm heading to the local walmart or other local business.  ........I'm up nearly everyday at around 4am with a cup of coffee and more times than not, I'm scouring others blogs.  When I'm not doing that, my face is in a book, nook or kindle., yes, I love writing and reading more than anything.  I just have so very much to learn.  So for now, I'm going to work on defining what my blog will be.  I can only look at Ireland's blog because I did write nearly every day and I was consistently posting.  I've thought about being specific on a topic as I was with her blog but I think I just need to be true to who I am in order to blog successfully........and that means trying to organize my "scatter-brained-ness".  I figure I'm a mom, I'm a wife, I'm a wanna be decorator, I'm a wishing like crazy I cooked like Donna or Sarah (my uber talented sister-in-laws), I'm a good daughter that wishes she could do more several thousand miles away, I'm a thrift store shopper that still doesn't stick to her budget, I'm a wanna be photographer that takes really good pictures one day and then not so great the next, I love crafty stuff but only if it's going to look like something I'd actually purchase, I'm a dreaming of being a savvy techno chic, and well......we all wish we could do it all.  So, I figure, I'm just going to be consistent.  I can get up and if not every single day, at least every other day, blog.  As I learn things, I'll also share.  I do know a few things that can help friends that I'd love to see start blogging or writing.  (by the way, being an avid reader, I'm wanting to confess here that I went to high school with a guy that wrote a book.  He's awesome.  I never finished said book because medical scares happened and I put that book down.  Sometime, hopefully sooner than later, I'm going to read his book and give an honest to goodness review and hopefully bring him a little revenue because the fact that he wrote a book is beyond cool to me.  His name is Charles Cooper and what I did read was really good despite me not knowing in this moment the name of his book.  It is on the kindle if you want to check him out.)  .......OK, so today, I'm going to work on defining topics that I can write about everyday, what format I'll use, I'll learn how to generate more views, generate some moo-lah, I'll actually celebrate my 9th anniversary to my world's bestest husband ever!!!, I'll not ignore my kiddos for the sake of this blog, and I'll truly try to share everything here.  ......and for those that worry about me sharing my kids with the world, don't.  It's a decision I'm comfortable with and I only share what I'm comfortable with.  Also, I'm an expert marksman.  I've got cool military credentials on that.  Maybe I'll talk about that on here one day because I'm definitely opinionated about gun ownership.  And really, last but not least, I'm the type that spews my opinions all over a blog but my friends and family could all easily vouch that I'm about as accepting as I can possibly be.  I won't say I'm God's ideal because wow, that's just snotty and probably sacrilege.....but, I can say I try to live in a way that does not judge others because I do not know their personal story.  I ask that people not judge me as I share my stories/life here and there because trust me, I've probably left out a ton of back story and it's safe to say that no one else has walked my personal path.
And for focus is how awesome my marriage is.  Nine years ago today, Mikey and I got married.  To the world of his friends and family, he's this hilarious, smart mouthed, and yet really great guy.  He's those things to me too but really, I know his sweet side and beyond trials that's thrown our way or everyday ignorant hiccups we throw at each other, we've got an amazing thing going.  We made ourselves a little family the day we chose to be one nine years ago and man, I'm forever happy I made that decision.  Many like to say we're perfect together.......and I love to say nothing is perfect because that is true....but ya know, more than anything our life is pretty dang easy and nice and happy together.  We can be loud together and totally quiet, we can be joined at the hip or on our own, we can forgive each other when we've been selfish or just had a stupid moment, we can talk about anything without feeling judgement, and we see a ton of beauty in each other that the world outside doesn't need to see or isn't capable of seeing,  and to me.......that's close to perfection.  We are comfortable and close.  I never doubt his love for me and I do my best to love him in a way that shows he's loved.  I can totally be mushy right now and play some awesome 80's hits or stand-by-your-man country songs.....  All I can say is that I genuinely hope we both live a very long time together.  We seem to adapt to each other in a way that makes me not fear getting old together.  I never thought I could truly live with another person without them invading "my space".  I don't want to call me selfish because that's just a topic for another time but I do like being alone.  I like me and I think it's essential to happiness............but man, Mikey gets me like no other.  We're together more than most couples I know due to his work schedule and yet, it works for us.  Sure, he can drive me insane at times but mostly, he can give me a look and somehow I can feel melty or just laugh.  That is awesome.  That is foreverness and love and all the gooey stuff that makes a good story or one hit wonder.  I truly love my man.  When you read this, Happy Anniversary!...this little paragraph is your Hallmark for the day.


Always invading my space....getting in my business....touching me....crazy schmuck, I love you.