Thursday, September 5, 2013

A date and ad hosting. (Yay!)

We don't go out very often without our boys so it was pretty nice to have a night to ourselves.  This is a very small part of Ogden, Utah.  ....It's one of those towns where the people are really trying to bring in businesses and sort of move up its status.  Honestly, if you know where to go, it is becoming nice.  We decided to go out for bbq and then just walk around and grab some ice cream.  ...the one thing we noticed, is the ever increasing presence of bums and the terrible look of druggies.  Where we walked around, it wasn't too bad but driving to our particular destination was a different story.  It's really sad how some of the parks do not seem like the place to safely walk around as the sun starts to set.    ....Anywho,  I wanted to share that I was so excited yesterday to be approved top host ads on my blog.  Since I do know what bugs me, I'm going to try top limit the type of add posted here.  Right now, in the learning process, I'm just authorizing ads on my sidebar.  ...I'm on the most basic set up of add hosting right now.  Blogger, which is the host to my blog and any blog with .blogspot tacked in to the end of their URL, had a monetizing option called adsense.  Basically, you simply apply for ads.  The process took me a few days because apparently I've played around with the design in my blogger home page so much.  ...Seriously, I was frustrated but I  think if you're starting your first blog, the process should be simply following the initial directions.  I just happened to be so dang smart as to push every link I could until something finally came up asking for my address.  Soon after, I got legit emails and even a few cents in my old business checking account to verify funds could be reached.  Nice.  ...if there are any questions you want to ask me about starting a blog, leave me a comment and I'll do my best to help you out.  ...I'm currently deciding that my blog is not going to be a subject specific blog.  I'm just not that person.  My blog will simply continue to be about everyday 'stuff'.  I do know the most lucrative blogs are topic specific but I doubt I could ever stick with that.  But goodness knows I have friends and family that cook, decorate, style food, are hockey obsessed, health nuts...scratch that, health knowledgeable, diet specific, exercise buffs...these passions and more can get pretty popular.  Also, people who do challenges, sort of like that show 30 days, tend to be real popular.  So, despite me wanting to increase the popularity of my own blog, I enjoy others blogs and feel I know a lot of people who may really enjoy putting their passions out in the world.  It's easier than you may think and it becomes only what you want.  Many bloggers keep their personal lives totally separate.   Anywho, happy Thursday!

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