Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Made an Angel E-book!!!!

 I wrote a BOOK!!!!

an e-book.....

I just hit the publish button and it's a done thing.  This is a simple 72 page book that tells a bit about our story with Ireland.  Writing was difficult AND not so difficult.  I'll post about that very soon so I can share the process I did to make this happen.  Pricing wasn't easy.  Obviously, I want to make money...and then we really would like to give to the two places that meant the most to us concerning Ireland. please, if it's ridiculous, let me know.  Also, please, please, PLEASE, leave me a comment if you want me to answer any questions about how this was made and/or published.  My plan is to next week go into detail about this so any of my friends or family wishing to do something like this will know step by step what to do.  I think the whole process was fairly simple now that I've done it.  Also, I nearly peed my pants hitting the publish button!!!  I know....TMI (too much information)....but really...REALLY!!!!...I finally did it.  It's not a Pulitzer here but I'm very proud.  Those who have read this gave me criticism to add more here or less there or go ahead and write a book-book.....and well, in the end, we decided this was a format perfect for me.  It's my style....dots and pictures and chalkboards and all.  Also, looking around at other ebooks we noticed far higher and far lower prices.  I did what I felt I'd spend on something like this that included a donation to something worthy.     .........anywho, with pride, I present:

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My hubby helped, my dad said my spelling was fine but it was a hard read, Tristan ......well Tristan read it too though it hits home for us with the initial friends and my family inspired me to do this and it feels so good.  ......I have ideas for future ebooks but this will surely always be my favorite simply because it's my girl here.

And seriously.......I promise to do my best on inspiring you to write something too......and if your gift is art or pictures or making something physical to sell......I have learned a few things and will try to share that with you.  I'm big on you reap what you sow and that one must give in order to receive.....I've got a very long way to go on learning how to edit or be a bit "more refined" but I'm learning some major lessons on how to think fukem' and do your thing.  ........apologize for my use of bad language but seriously.......this attitude is helping a bit.  :D

Soooooo.........that's link for this is at the top of my sidebar.  It's all fairly simplified and if at any point it seems something is amiss, please let me know.

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