Sunday, September 8, 2013

Learning to Link 5 of my favorite things...and the not so savvy blogger

I hate to admit that I've been up for a few hours and the best I can figure out embedding links is what you'll see here.  I wanted to just type some words and they show up blue for a little link but I swear it just doesn't work for me.  Very frustrating.  And maybe it's lack of sleep and a very late hour but I can't even google the subject with a good explanation on how to do what I'm wanting right now.  I'm feeling very inexperienced and like this should be much simpler than what I'm finding it to be.

Oh well.  I have a few favorite things that I feel like I brag about enough that I should get paid for how much I brag about them.  With that, I did figure out how to embed a code to get what you see here.

1st.  The Fault in our Stars.

This book was found on a list for best books of 2012 or something like that.  I know that it was categorized as teen fiction but really........I can't imagine a 13 year old getting how incredible this book is much less using the words you'll find in here. beyond brief synopsis is that a young cancer patient meets another young patient.  There is a love story but more than that there is some awesome discussions going on in here.  LOVE THIS BOOK!!  I've read it about 3 times now....and I'll add this beat out my obsession with Harry Potter.

2.  Goodnight Moon......not read by Samuel Jackson.


This is the book I can grab and absolutely know Sawyer will chill out and go to sleep.  Enough said.

3.  I hate teflon and I heart ceramic.

These babies have made me an egg connoisseur.  I do spray these with Pam but seriously, they are the best pans ever.  I was getting frustrated that my teflon pans that cost an arm and leg kept flaking into my food after a few months.  Then I spent about $20 for a set of 2 of these at Walmart.  Love ensued.  I will be moving on up and getting the full set of pots and pans as soon as my money tree grows a bit.

4,  The Samsung Note 8.0.


 Seriously, coolest birthday present ever!!!!  As this post reveals, I'm not that techno savvy.  And yet, this thing is the coolest.  It deserves its own post sometime.  I love the pen function...I love the ability to draw pics....I love that I can press a button on the pen, make a circle around a nook or kindle passage or a pinterest picture and just save it anywhere (as in facebook, note, gmail, anywhere!), .....this thing is the best.  This is the product that everyone compares to the Ipads and says is better due to it being Android and user friendly.

5.  Candles....candles that are electric...with a remote.

I happened to marry someone that believes candles are evil and will burn our home and all of us in it.  He is downright ridiculous with candles.  Anywho, beyond my love of glade candles and Yankee candles.........these are awesome for anywhere.  I like the low light for the boudoir but seriously, the first time I used the remote to turn on my candles, I was ready to speak in "Austin Power" mode....that's how cool you get when you decide in a flash you're going to be all romantic and stuff.  ...........enough said.

Anywho, hope all are sleeping as I'm typing and learning away.  Actually, hope I'll go to sleep now that I learned a little something and got a bit of a brain dump taking care to post here.   .......Sawyer has been a bit sick this weekend so that kind of put a damper on the weekend.  Then again, it's nice to just be a bum on, he's more cuddly when he's on temperature fighting meds.  ...meanwhile, Connor didn't get the memo that we're all relaxing and Tristan has been hard to find around here because he got another JOB!  Yay!!!  ...........anyway, I figured once a week or month, I'll post some favorite things.  I love when someone gives me a tip of something great and I'm huge on a good book so I'll always take suggestions there.    .........and if you have a kind tip, please don't call me an idiot, I'd love to figure out where I can best learn how to link html codes.

OK...........that's it.  Let's pray and hope I can get some sleep now.  ........and that Sawyer is better tomorrow.........and that Connor stays out of the trash, bathroom, laundry basket, etc........and that Tristan gets paid...........and that I lose 10 pounds from brain usage tonight........and that I win a million dollars......and world peace........that's good.  ........oh, and that I win my very first football league!!!!  ......and that we cure world hunger.  and the whole Syria thing gets figured out in a peaceful way.  .........good night.

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