Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It's been a great summer!  We visited family and friends from VA, PA, and OH.  We have had a nice garden, our nectarines are here, the apples are coming along......  We've been to a few pool parties, had our own mini pool party, jammed to good music, ate (a little too much) good food, received eggs from all 4 of our chickens now......  My kitchen is painted and I love it.  I believe we've seen nearly all of our local friends this summer and we're pretty sad that one set of friends moved away (along with our awesome baby sitter).  Connor's health has been amazing.  Sawyer has grown to where no one believes he's 2.  Tristan is now a senior and I find that unbelievable.  I turned 40 and that's just amazing because even not sleeping tonight, I feel much younger and can't believe how fast time flies.  Mikey is Mikey and aren't I glad for that.    ......I'm so very ready for fall.  It's still quite hot here in Utah but I saw last night that the nights are beginning to cool.  ....We're in the process of painting our bedroom and just bought crown molding to finish up my kitchen (for now).  I'll share that soon.  Can I just say, I went from really wanting new bedroom furniture to having picked a paint color that makes me love our classic wood set.    .........anywho, I feel I need to say farewell to summer and lazy days.  Tristan started school a few weeks ago and the boys are each beginning speech therapy soon.  Connor wants to talk and we understand more than we ever expected.  Sawyer seems to simply be frustrated with not being understood.  On a good note, Sawyer loves to sing and it's easy to understand him because he's slowing down and also singing recognizable toddler tunes.   And did I mention Tristan is now a senior?!  Unbelievable!
....We're excited that family is coming out for Thanksgiving this year.  With that, I'll need to get to work on a decent guest room for them.  I also am excited to cook for a bigger crowd.  We tend to have easy Thanksgivings because our tradition has become spending time with our very closest friends here in UT whom just happen to have a lot of family here.  We tend to have turkey from the Ham Store and I do usually make a ham so that we can have a bit of our own tradition at home.  We'll be changing up traditions starting this year.  Our family is a bit bigger and it's a hassle to always have to go and really, we'd be 5 more people to feed versus the past few years.  Plus, we only see our family wings enlarging and that makes us happy.  Plus, I hear we may have even more family visiting next year for Thanksgiving., as in Walmart and there Halloween decor out in August....I'll be excited to shop for Thanksgiving and simple fall things.
..........anywho, hoping I get a nap in today!!!  Also, I got a cool Samsung Note 8.0 for my birthday so I'm planning on playing with this blog a bit..... so if there are occasional weird posts or pics larger than life....bare with me as I have a little fun.

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