Friday, September 20, 2013

What is an Ebook? and how can I publish one?

There has been some confusion as to how to download the book I wrote.  First, an e-book is simply a pdf file.  If you have something as easy as Adobe reader, you can download this.  If you can download documents in your email, you will download this with ease.

I wrote this in what is called a S Note app.  (S note allows drawings and documents to be made using my tablet's s pen).  I then exported that file to our family's dropbox app. ( dropbox saves all of our pictures in one also houses documents. )  From there, I went to  This is the site I had publish my e-book.

Simple as that.  1. Get your idea.  2.  Write  3. Make this a PDF file.  4.  E-junkie

E-junkie also can sell physical items but really....go to ebay for that unless you have a blog or website.

The only advice I can give from here is to promote and be patient.  So far, I'm learning my patience seems to only extend to my kiddos.  I so want this to be just a little successful.   At least, with my own friends and family.

To access my e-book simply go to the shopping cart at the upper right side of this blog.

And truly, it is as easy as it sounds.  My subject matter made thiss hard....but I'll talk about that another day.

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