Monday, December 9, 2013

Wow! Loooong time

Life has been good.  Blogging, bad.  ...........I'm already in the mood to think about the next year.  Basically, I'm going to scale down on the social media.  I'm going to work out the kinks on finding what this blog should be and most likely, drop Facebook.  My biggest goal next year is to bring my faith back.  For someone like me, that questions everything, this has been a little difficult.  ........also, I'm dropping the care to earn money from this blog.  I'll keep the simple adsense but beyond that, it's doubtful.  I've always blogged best when I just posted my pics and my online journal.  Anywho, Tristan will be graduating this spring from high school.  Connor still has that dang g-tube and can't seem to quite nix the horrible reflux (yet he's fantastic beyond what any medical expert expected).  Sawyer has his little issues and his focus for the new year will be getting on the dang potty!!! (he's the kiddo that could walk in dirty diaper all day and doesn't want you to touch him).

..........anywho, some pics to update a bit.

Still love this guy .......going on 10 years knowing his crazy bum!

Beginning of fall demanded a trip to Black Island Farms nearby to see pets and get a hay ride.

Mikey was the adventurous one at the farm.

Sawyer just may have a future in drumming.  

Connor was all about banging stuff....underneath that wooden posts were some poles with different tones.

Con-con has been all about pulling his button/g-tube out.  We're so ready for this to be gone.  He only uses it for one medication now and if they'd just flavor the stuff, surely he could take it by mouth.  We've tried things at home and really, the stuff is nasty.

I had a UP3 surgery to remove tonsils, part of my palate, and some other stuff to help with sleep apnea and horrible snoring.  Worst pain ever for about two weeks straight.  It looks like a mini bomb went off in the back of my throat.  Nothing there...........and yet, Mikey says I'm snoring worse........but hey, I sleep great now.

I've had about 3 of these skin precancer spots removed this fall alone..........wear the sunscreen!  I do all the time but I was a sun hog back in the day and I'm paying for it now.


I guess these are "selfies" with the babies.  I do not like selfies but then again, I have a few too.

Another "selfie" with Connor.  This term is apparently the word of the year.  

Fall activity, Cornbellies out at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.  Lots of little guy fun.

Great day.

A sad attempt to make Ree Drummond's halloween eyeballs.  For the life of me, dipping chocolate never comes out smooth with a cake ball for chocolate covered chips, I can always make look gourmet.

It was a Toy Story Halloween...........and the boys could care less.  We did as we have done forever and went to my friend's kid populated neighborhood..........we circled one block and these guys were done.

Buzz Lightyear just was a bit curious about the entire night.

Woody here really thought we should visit each home that opened their door.  We had a few home tours.

Photogenic Sawyere here......Connor caught mid chomp on a banana.

Cheesy smile.

My non eater does like fancy blueberry-cream cheese filled french toast.

Connor and the chickens.

I think super-dad is in this pic somewhere.


A visit to trains has become a favorite for the boys.

So cool.

Train love.

Sawyer took this picture of Connor.  Besides the food particles on this happy little eater, is that face not the cutest????

I needed a change.........

Selfie........with show the new do.  The one "highlight" in the front makes me feel like Cruella Deville.

I apparently can not smile for a selfie.............but here is the hair style.  I actually really like it.  I'm not one to fix my hair so lots of layers are good for me.

I somewhat smiled  here.........I swear my nose has grown as I've aged.  What's up with that?????

We are a family of readers.................doh!, except the daddy...he prefers not to ruin his future movies.  :D

We had family visit this year for we took them on the Heber Valley Train Heber Valley, of course.  

This guy was entranced the entire time.  He was not real certain on how to use the binoculars though.  Usually, both eyes were closed when he'd bring those puppies up.

We took a trip to the Hill Air Force museum where they now have a kids exhibit.  Was really nice simulators and activities in there.  Even computer set ups with simulator games for the older kids and adults.

There is Silas!.........Fuzzy but these guys were all over these simulators.

Silas in a pilot's seat.

Mikey and his cousin Aileen.  I love her so much........can't stand that we're not near.

the little guys........Tristan and Silas's sister, Ashley did appear during the visit but pics are rare of teens.

A trip to Antelope Island always shows cool buffalo around.  

.....instagram love.

trying to show that Tristan is around on occasion.  He's usually at work, school, or his girlfriend's house.  I can say lately this teen of mine is getting to better to hang around.........we had some rough times for a bit there but we're redefining boundaries.  :D

For some reason, My pics stopped after Thanksgiving.  We've been getting alot of snow here, so we have been hermits lately.  The decorations for Christmas have been up since....the day after Thanksgiving!!!  I've got most of my shopping done for immediate family and we've asked everyone this year to simply invest in time with Skype.  We prefer to see everyone so hope that if anyone feels the need to invest in us, that they invest in a good video camera so we can see them.  :D  ............I'll try to be better here on this blog...........I had no idea it had really been this long!!!!  All has been well here.  Everyone has had sniffles but who doesn't right now?  We're enjoying activities like cooking and clay fun (2 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt,2 tablespoons oil, food coloring, and 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar if you have it, if not, no worries) Christmas tree mainly has decorations on the top half and who knows where the bottom half decorations have gone?!......I've been wrapping gifts in tissue paper this year so the boys can actually unwrap them.....and I feel Tristan is too grown now because he has a measly amount of unwrapping when he keeps saying to just give him money.    .............oh well, there is my slight blog update.  :D

**update to that clay recipe....mix it all with about 1 and 1/2 cup of boiling water....add more water or flour to get the right consistency and just knead it all makes alot.....i made the mistake of making it all time, I'd divide it up and then add the food coloring as I kneaded it.