Thursday, April 10, 2014

1 day post mickey button/g tube removal


*******GRAPHIC PHOTO*********

Some may want to see what Connor's stoma (hole from mickey button) looks like.  I wanted to see what others looked like and could not find good pictures of the healing process.  I've read these usually seal within hours to a day.  It's good to remember Connor has had his button in for just over a year and a half so his chances of needing surgery to close this is 50/50 to start with.

First look....there is a bit of a smell.

Still A hole there but nothing like it was.  I'm sorry I don't have what the hole looked like before this was removed for good.  It basically looked allot like this but no pink except in the actual hole.  Basically it looked like a hole punched in his skin that also had his stomach pulled up, sort of glued together, and punched as well.  ......not sure this looks like something ready to seal or not....assuming nothing.  I was told I could just change the dressing once a day but after looking at others pics ans seeing it this morning, I'll change it twice a day.  We were instructed no baths for 3 nights and to really glob on the antibacterial ointment.  After looking at awful pictures, I know stomach acid can really leak and destroy the skin.  My view is atleast twice a day, I'll wash his skin and get that ointment back on.  I'll try to take pics with each dressing change.

Playing before his appt.

Sawyer there for support.  :-)

Showing their southern side.  Tailgating.  :-)

Snacking before the appt 

Ok, will try to post already daily. :-)

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