Monday, April 14, 2014

6 days post mickey button, g tube removal

Tomorrow we're supposed to write the Dr and decide if we think Connor needs surgery.  Right now, we really think it's closed on the inside.  I figure if it were to start leaking, we'd call the pediatrician and she's authorize a surgery.  I will ask if we can go ahead with the scope or just wait a month or two to be entirely positive everything is as it should be.

Ok....Pics....not so graphic now.

Just showing my neurosis here.  Trying to take a few angles so I can then zoom in and see anything.  Really, I think he's good.  I showed one of my clinical nurses and she recommended I exchange the antibiotic cream to a cream like cortisone with a little steroid to get rid of the rash.  .....that's it for now. 

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