Friday, March 20, 2015

The end of Winter! YAY!!

I'm going to need to get better about dumping my SD card from the good camera.  We bought the Nikon Coolpix L830 for our valentine's gift to each other.  So far I really love the's a major step up from camera phone pics.........but there is a major learning curve.  Also, this camera runs on batteries, has no viewfinder so you use the screen which can be a bit annoying if it's super sunny outside, and then it's not wireless.  Beyond those negatives.......there are about a gazillion reasons I do love this thing.  It's light, has an awesome zoom and has taken really great pics for us.  Once again, I do have stuff to learn.  I could not find one good tutorial (online) on how to figure out all the features and honestly, the manual doesn't help all that much.........I'm thinking I'll need to find a class.  I have learned some things on my own though and for that, little by little, my pics should improve.  ..........anywho, no major happenings on the Brady front.  Sawyer has been doing awesome with preschool and today, Connor is set up with IEP plan for starting preschool.  .......with Connor, we made the decision to wait until the fall before he actually starts though normally kids start as soon as they turn 3.  With Connor's birthday being the end of March, spring break being the first week of April, and our family vacationing in May........we think he'd do better just starting with the other kids this coming fall.  That should be a real experience.  Both boys will be in the school intervention programs but I do not want them in the same class.  Time will tell how great that schedule will work out.  ..........for now, both have private therapies they need and Connor was allowed to have a group summer program that should really help him get used to being around other little ones.

Ogden train show.

A rare lucky moment to play with the train controls........this stuff really is cool.

My Soybean.

Connor needing a bit of guidance to actually leave.

If you've ever been to Antelope Island, especially in the past 20 years, you can see how terribly sad this picture really is.  We're pretty dang certain this year will be the lowest water level on record for the great Salt Lake.  Honestly, if we're going to be technical, Antelope Island isn't even an island right now.

The first time I had the chance to walk around this island was around 1991 or '92..........then, the water was all the way in that grass that looks like the island's border.........what you see isn't water here but salty sand..........a few darker areas are wet or a small amount of water.

A family lived on this island until the 80's....I'd honestly need to double check my facts (as far as dates go) but this island does have some cool buildings and stories about the original family that lived here.  Slightly funny to me though, is the mass amount of "antique" equipment that being from a VA farm, I remember distinctly being called "old junk".

One of the boys favorite stops.........playing around on these fake bulls to rope and ride.

From the looks of this area, I'd imagine this little forest was planned out.........oddly, I've yet to find berry bushes or fruit trees.  One day, I'll have to ask one of the volunteers about that because really........this place was surrounded by quite a bit of water and I'd imagine they were the truest of homesteaders back in the day.

Some poor little one lost his toy..........Sawyer appreciated the find..........and left if there, just in case someone comes back for it.

We rarely leave the homestead area without shocking anyone that's never been there by ringing this old bell..........extremely loud so one ring is it.

Pretty sure he believes this island is partly ours alone.

Good luck getting a view there shorty.

Rare, stop and smile pic.

Huge changes in the kitchen..........I turned the table.....and cleaned most of the chalk board walls.  I've gotta find a cute Easter tablecloth for our everyday use.  I have a pretty big collection of these due to my abused table top so am slightly shocked I don't have one around.........and don't really remember having one.  I love putting out cloth type tablecloths but at this stage of the boys' sanity can be at stake and that would just be silly.

I spent a good amount of time to try making kale chips.  These were terribly salty though I was shocked Sawyer actually tried one.  Granted, he proceeded to make a huge show of spitting..........but, I think I'll try this again.

Sawyer showing his hanging project from school.........sadly the thing was ripped up shortly after.....and that is that.  Paper plate art was not meant to last a life time.

Not the best picture..........but "gator" hunting has been the latest craze in our house.  I'm not a huge fan but the boys love watching Swamp People with their daddy........honestly, I have been known to get sucked into watching the shame people, the finest of families surely watch this.  I will definitely try to get a video because the expressions these guys make as Sawyer will say "pull the shoot" is truly priceless.  ..........for kids with major speech issues, Swamp People is bringing out their imaginations.  For that reason, I'll actually say "God bless those swamp people".

Now.......time to get ready for that school meeting.  Prayers for setting up goals that will have Connor succeeding like crazy in his future.  :D

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Photo dump......

Antelope Island....beginning of January

Connor soaking up sun after running around the park.

Sawyer, hard at it.

Bulbs I was gifted for Christmas.....

Sawyer turned 4!!

1st bike.

Incredible gift from family.

Spider man bike had been a winner around here.

Connor is still scooting along. .....his birthday is soon.


A scripture/penpal type thing I did for Valentines Day. 

Sawyer looking too old for 4.

Antelope Island should pay me.  Some of my favorite instagram photographers were there the weekend after I posted this....and yeah, it's not coincidence (smile and feel me here, I love my new camera).

We were lucky enough to see the owls.....this area is now roped off due to nesting.

Antelope were everywhere this particular day.

Rare posting of me.......we pretend this Island is our backyard. mom pics are bound to happen. 

This is us hunting for snow.....found it near Pineview.

Ranch love. 

Kitchen help.

Hutch/cookbook love

Connor loving green beans.

Train love.

Extra eggs mean fluffy pancake....6 Eggs, 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk, a bit of salt (1/4 tsp?).....dump that in a 9x13 pan coated with half
 stick of melted butter ....cook on bottom rack in oven at 450° for 15 minutes.......yummmmmmm

Connor love.

Tablecloth change for St. Patty's.

Valentine dinosaurs from cousin Austin.

Chef Sawyer love.

Swinging is cooler than cool.

The help.