Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Phone dump....catch up to summer....

Only missing Tristan here......

Random looking of the clouds.....

So fresh and so clean....

Random fort play.

Sawyer....the artist, formerly known as Soybean.

This one turned 3 here.

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival

Somewhere in Nebraska

Ooooooh........we loved the hot tub at our cabin in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

Coolest part of Dollywood.

Dollywood after a random rainstorm.

Smoky Mountains, TN

Total sense of wonder........easy to believe in God when looking at those gorgeous mountains.

Hey there, cutie.

Loved this picture...random hotel outside of St. Louis.

Traveling in a small car without electronics IS still totally doable......and sometimes even fun.

41, tired, with it.

This is what allergies to mosquitos can do.......ooh, we do not like the skeeters.  Pray the boys can outgrow this...that their immune system can beat the little suckers.

This is total fun and awesome memory making.

That look........

A little bit of copying here.........but he's still rocking the wonder.

One of my most favorite views on earth.

I love this man.



Is he sad because we're looking at him or content being cared for in a preserve?  Fine line.........

I love bears.

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park

Daddy's interview.  Praying he gets the job that makes him happiest and continues to make him proud of what he's a part of.

Random park play.

The boys have been well.  We limit outdoor play to when we notice mosquitoes aren't being little stalkers.  Therapies continue on.  Those that know Sawyer well know his speech has gotten soooooooooo good.  He's worked hard and it shows.  Occasionally, he needs a reminder to slow down and usually, that'll get him on track.  He still has a few issues with word placement.  We've basically stopped behavioral therapy.  Sawyer has quirks but handles most situations quite well.  ........Connor combines behavioral and feeding therapy.  He has tonal issues (tummy strength, jaw issues, palate sensitivities, etc) and has behavioral things we are working on.  He very much dislikes group settings and has a real desire to hide away (or get extremely upset) when things in his space feels overwhelming or too different.  Honestly, I have gotten a bit that way, too.  I don't like crowds and I always prefer home to anywhere else. ...........Connor also has the speech therapy...really, I think speech is almost an automatic with Pierre Robin or palate issues.  He's got a huge vocabulary....some things just aren't totally understood.  He'll get there.....and God forbid, let's just say we used to worry Connor would be teased but trust me, we worry more about him being a bully.  He's a tough one.  I would have never believed boxing was born in you but I can guarantee we've never, ever punched our children.........and yet, Connor has a natural instinct to roll his fist back and punch.  ........please laugh here my peace, loving friends.  Sometimes, the truth is simply that boys will be boys.  They fight.......and yet, they love and laugh tons!
Our main vacation was done before the summer rush and the rest of the summer will be little trips here and there.  We're hoping to visit some WA family in Aug, Tristan and Nikka are marrying in July and we'll have quite a bit of family here then, and well, summer just feels easier.  Everything is so green.  We've planted our favorite things for the garden.  We have added more trees here and there, which I love.  We should have mini pumpkins covering a portion of fencing that'll hide our chickens this fall.     .............that's it.  Connor has his annual team meeting at the Children's hospital at the end of this month.  He has a few minor things that will need to be dealt with but all in all, he's amazing.   ........enjoy your summer!

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