Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My personal greatest journaling

Decided not to give any sort of testimony....hopefully my life will simply reflect where I stand....none of us are perfect here.
Anywho, since Thanksgiving is just about here and Christmas is coming up, I thought I'd share something I got into this year.  It's called bible journaling and I learned about it through  It's something I've loved and hopefully one day it'll be a nice keepsake for my kiddos.  For now, it's been something that has only influenced me in the best of ways and my absolute favorite pages are all of my boys' handprints.  I figure I'll be adding my parents and asking a few friends to throw those in here as well.  I also have pockets added here and there with pictures and letters/notes that mean the world to me.   ......wanted to share despite my total lack of artistry.  I personally just write things (prayers, scripture meanings, sermon notes, etc.), add 'stuff', stamp, sticker things, and keep this as sort of my own little communication of what's most important in my life.

This was bought on Amazon as an ESV journaling bible.  They have single and double column pages.  When this bible is filled up, I'll definitely get the single column.  I feel a bit limited with the double column.

These are photo pockets that go with project life....a quick google will explain project life.

Genesis 2:24-25 love of this is from the thought of neither Adam or Eve feeling shame.  I find that incredibly powerful.

Psalm 23

Sawyer's hand print...if you look at the top of this page, I made a tab from his picture....I also date most everything.  This is Psalm 113:9.....I may not have been barren but at my age and having lost Ireland before him, his life brought me TONS of joy!

Tristan was not exempt from giving me his hand print.  Psalm 127:3-5.  He was my unexpected gift when I was young.

Lord's prayer.....Matthew 6:9-14

Be childlike....Matthew 18:3-5

So much in Luke....this is near the Beatitudes Luke 6: 20-23

Luke 2: 49  .........parents looking for Jesus when he was just 12.

my Shake it off page...very corny but still love it... Luke 9: 5....for an emotional type like myself, it's important to remember.

some personal stuff behind that my husband.

just showing you can write personal notes and hide it behind a pic or something taped in there....obviously only so personal but I like doing this for little prayers and such.....nice to look back

behind that taped in piece

Ephesians 1: 7-10  my 'work it' page

Philippians 4: 4-7  4: 13  ..........the secret to a happy life is simple

Another favorite....Colossians 2: 6-7 ...where I'm rooted.....also from 3:12-14 to remember forgiveness is not an option when you were forgiven so much....  (side note: forgiveness doesn't have to come without setting boundaries, it's just letting it go since God gives the ultimate justice, Romans 12:19 ....yeah, I just preached.....from latest sermon notes.)

just marking up 1 Thessalonians from a class I took with some awesome ladies.

Connor's page...James 1: 17-18 ....he is most definitely a good and perfect gift.

My to do list....James 2: 17

1 Peter 3:15 reason to love ALL with gentleness and respect.  I have a real issue with anyone who preaches to others in a higher than thou way or those that will point out other's wrongs.  I believe in the Holy Trinity and definitely believe in the word of God....and with that, I strive to live through He who lives in me always remembering that I'm supposed to be an example not a judge.....(and constantly remembering to ask for forgiveness in my gazillion screw ups....remember, I try but am human)

some notes I've pocketed in the back

My own hand day this may mean something to those that love me.  It's my goals page....Galatians 5: 22-23

Exodus 31: 3-5

proof I'm an awful artist but still like doing my thing....  Exodus 36: 1

Psalm 98 ...joyful noise

Close up of Sawyer's page...

Ireland's page....Psalm 139: 14 .....she was fearfully and wonderfully made

Proverbs 31: 25 ....I like to dwell on her laughing at the time

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8  A time for everything.....

Isaiah 49: 15-17  Inscribed on the palm of His hand....

Ecclesiastes 9: 7-10  Enjoy this life....

OK....I'll stop now.  It's something I love and thought my fellow Christian peeps would possibly enjoy either doing this or sharing the idea this season.