Monday, October 3, 2016

A little Mother Teresa share plus photo dump.

I definitely need to find a cleaner picture of this.....She didn't actually write this.  It was written by Kent M. Keith in 1968.  Mother Teresa simply loved this and had cut it out to place on the wall for all her children to see in Calcutta.  She did doctor this a bit too because Keith made the point that the last two lines were different.  It is between you and God...but it's between you and them too.  The great teaching was to love God first and then to love your neighbor as yes, it's between you and the great "them" as well.    ....I too love this though and have a gorgeous picture of a tree that has this highlighted.  I just like to remember that society has a way of tampering with things so to remember things for myself. 

Things I don't want to little hands.

Times they get along so well!!

Occasional shots with mom...this is the Spiral Jetty out at Golden Spike.

Random...I-give-up...because this will hopefully be a good memory of just splashing was good...actually, very good.  Salty...but good.

We keep a National Passport book for stamps.....really need to get these guys each their own.

Tristan's random kitchen art for me...this was for, we'll need a new one.

This is how the walls tend to look...not too shabby since that I love mom is in there....and really, that's not even my handwriting.  

Something healthy.

and then this happened....soooooooo good and toooo easy.

My excuse is the oldest son and daughter-in-law....they come pretty much every Sunday and it's the day we eat very, very well.  Celebrating a good week done with and new days to come.  Plus, I'm so thankful they do this.     love love love

Random robe love from Wal-mart....Santa...please see this.....very warm and cozy.

Ignore messy kitchen...notice these huge guys....4 and 5.  Oy.  Why oh why can't baby times last longer.

We so heart our chickens.