Saturday, January 7, 2017

Phone dump

Salt Lake City's LDS temple.... very pretty plus we saw famous Phil from Modern Family while we were walking the grounds!

This was at Salt Lake City's City Creek Mall....very pretty.

A really pretty shot of the temple.

We've had quite a bit of snow this winter.  Luckily, the boys had a great time sledding while their grandmother was here.

This was taken at Hill AFB.


A trip to Antelope Island right after a big snow had us seeing so much wildlife.  

Porcupine pic-a-boo.

I have truly never seen so many buck in my life.  Easily saw 10 to 12 in various groups.  They were huge.

Small start to valentine project.

Salt and Pepper shakers of pigs with wings....a personal favorite....right up there with unicorns.

A very tech-savvy Christmas this year.

I personally love doing up my kitchen at Christmas.  We spend so much time in there and everything just looks sooooooo cozy with the twinkly lights and Christmas houses.

Cookies with grandma.  I had made a couple of different kinds of dough and thought I'd only made enough for a few dozen..........4+ hours later.....we were sick of baking cookies!!!!

This was actually the breaking of the wishbone from our turkey...done a bit later than Thanksgiving.  Oops.

Darth Vader....awesome-sauce!!!!  I was quite proud of this makeup since he couldn't wear a mask to school.

This little guy had wanted to be a pumpkin since mid September....and then the morning of, he had doubts.  Fortunately, I think he discovered quickly that we all thought he was one dang cute pumpkin.....he loves the attention.

I started an epic and awesome hair cut and then...........he screwed it up trying to fix a 'spot'....bless his heart.....he ended up having to basically shave his head after his 'fix'.

Small hike with the daughter-in-law and rest of family in Ogden.

We finally went to the annual bison round-up at Antelope Island.  I can only say it was cooler than I could of imagined.   ........just go if you can.

No order whatsoever......simply wanted to get 2016 pics on here.    We had an awesome year.  I like to think I'll blog and do wonderful online things but it's not top priority so.......there you have it.  ....may 2017 be as awesome as this past year!!!!!