Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Autism Awareness Month/Inclusion Awareness Month

I just read the absolute best book ....Love That Boy by Ron Fournier.

So great that it's got me actually writing a blog post.

I think those that know us best are keenly aware we're not huge awareness types.  We feel that you're aware of different diseases and the like if it personally touches you.  It turns people off of us big time but through the years our skin has thickened.  We're okay.  This is the first year I posted a picture on facebook acknowledging this is even Autism Awareness Month....which I soooooo want to change to Inclusion Awareness Month or How to be a Good Citizen Awareness month.

Anywho, I am dang near obsessive about reading books on autism.  I continuously live in this hope that a book will predict my boys' futures.  It won't.  My head knows this but......

So, on a whim I downloaded a book about a father and his Asperger's son.  This isn't my normal book because thus far, I don't know a soul with Asperger's... though the more I learn, the more I'm convinced nearly everyone I know is somewhere on this great spectrum we call autism.

Here are the notes I took from the book (once again, Love that Boy by Ron Fournier):

These notes are specifically for me as a mom and general person of the world:
1.  Teach yourself and kids to Do good...Do your Best....Don't worry about what other people think!
2.  Remember:  Sense of Purpose equals Happiness.  Happiness should not mean pleasure!!!!
3.  True happiness is almost always doing hard but good things over, and over, and OVER! (important for Sawyer who has a fit that everything is so hard...poor love...we're working on this)
4.....3 keys to success (and your kiddos' success)
            1...emotional mastery
             3....ownership of the course of your life   (all very hard for the autistic but must be core goals)

Now the notes I have written as school stuff:
1.  From a school motto in Arlington, VA/the Principal's message...."I expect you to invite them to your cliques, and to your parties, and to stand up for them if anybody acts against them."  (this is what inclusion means to me!....not that they'll get all those invites but really, invite them to your table at school...teach everyone to be good)
2.  A culture of community and competence (a note I took for loving the words expressed here)
3.  Teach them to be good citizens...not to just read and write.  (and this is not just for my boys but all kids!!!  Please!)
4.  Next IEP specific to 1) more in-class assistance and 2) social skills training  ...if there is a problem for the school ask specifically "so you're telling me that you can't educate my son?"....then if necessary call Utah Parents Resource me, this is all so very excellent and valuable.  I really, really loved this book.  These are all fridge worthy notes.  And my timing to find this book is impeccable.  We are starting ABA (applied behavioral analysis) with the actual intake assessment happening this Friday.  The school, our pediatrician and after a few not so great attempts at social groups, have all suggested that we need, we're getting the ball rolling.  This list will be with me as I ask questions and learn.

Cute pic moment:

.........and this is it......terribly written for the blog world but all I can manage because there is school and things on the calendar.

Trust me....this is a great book.  Written by a hugely successful reporter than has the best quotes from the very best books.  And this is written to those that could push aside their expectations and learn more about me, a great book on how to be a citizen of the world that can look beyond themselves.  ......I could totally get behind an Inclusion/Acceptance of All Awareness Month.